Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When Chun Wei meets Freedom :P

Hey ! Long time no see :D Its usually gaps of a few days of not updating , but it has been almost a month ? I know lots of you out there misses my blog and artistic writing LOL :D Ade orang siap message me "Weyh i miss your blog, update la !". *COUGHS COUGHS* :P

SPM is freaking over ! Have collected all my so called notes , exercise books and what not and have officially sent it to recycle HAHA :D SPM month was fun ! Enjoying the last few days in school. Besides , we celebrated after every single paper that has a few days gap in between LOL. During SPM month , I discovered a new addiction of mine. MOVIES. It all started when we watched New Moon the night our addmaths paper ended. After that , I just felt as if SPM was over. Took my sisters laptop and watched like 7 freaking movies between the gaps of our addmaths paper and biology. I even watched most of the movies on astro . We also watched Ninja Assassin the night of our Physics paper . Only one thing that can make Aaron remember that night , was KESHING KESHING ! haha. Lots of memories la in that one month. Aaron and Kumaran hugging their LOVED ones at Section 2 , Chun Wei and his hot girlfriend name pressure , Alan Ong being a bitch during Sejarah paper , mucus coming out of my nose like some fountain during Chemistry paper and many more la.

Knowing that Chemistry was the last paper made me feel like so frigging lazy. All I did was just sat in front of the TV with a cigarette and stoned thinking what should I do after SPM. During paper 3 , time was moving so slow. I just kept pretending to sleep then when I open my eyes , like baru 3 minutes pass haha. When the last paper was collected , as usual everybody started screaming. In fact , we screamed before every single paper LOL. I just couldn't stop smiling as if I was shot with Botox on my face.

The first night of celebration was fun. A few hundred more nights to come and that is for sure :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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