Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who Says


Nowadays , I just feel like staying home. I am still feeling tired over the whole Prom-Night-Out. My body is still in pain , bruises here and there. Have been sleeping like for more then 12 hours a day and I still feel sleepy the next day. Like wth ?

So went Sunway in the afternoon with the family minus my mum since she went out with her friends. Helped the father pick up some nice office attire , jeans for the sister and bought quite an amount of junk food HAHA ( I'm like a big fan of diabetes now :D ). Wanted to watch The Avatar , but the line was freaking long and we couldn't book online. So canceled the plan. Just walked around , looked at clothes and observed people dressing up in anime characters LOL. Bumped into Anak Azmi and his chick at the cinema. Sunway is just not my cup of tea . I only love going there when I want to buy clothes and that's bout it la.

Some people are like so bodoh. Was helping my dad choose his shirt la , then I was also wearing some kemeja . Then I walked out the fitting room to get another size , then the stupid ugly looking lady yang work there was like staring at me like some bitch thinking that I stole the baju. Then I was like WTF ?! Stared back at her like tak puas , then she realized I didn't steal it. People nowadays ahh , otak dekat celah bontot ? HAHA.

Went ABC that night. Surprisingly ,watched football with Aaron , Dhiren and Chun Wei. 1 ball , 1 ball ! Drogba Drogba ! HAHAHA. Didn't understand most of the things they talked bout. Coz its football ! HAHA.

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