Sunday, December 19, 2010

Put a Ring on it

Weddings , love weddings. A ceremony full of love and BABIES ! haha. So went for my cousins wedding somewhere in KL. It was a sweet romantic garden wedding. What I enjoyed most was the company we had , BABIES ! Haha. Everytime we go for weddings like these are the time we discover new nephews/nieces. I'm too lazy to elaborate on things , so as usual , let the pictures tell the story ;)

Our time will come fellow siblings ;D

The generation.

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beach Hopping

Melaka to Ulu Bendul and now comes another road trip ;)
We went beach hopping , from the awesome beach of Port Dickson to
the beach of pantai Puteri Melaka. 17 of us went with 5 rented cars. Left right after our replacement class on Saturday. Headed straight to PD , Teluk Kemang. Reached there at 4 pm. Chilled first , played some weird looking bicycle and the sun went down which was a sign of good timing to take a dip in the sea without getting sunburns. Was so frigging fun. Played Rugby by the beach , swam through the waves and just relaxed.

When we just arrived.

Night time begins. So we started lighting up the fire for our BBQ dinner by the beach. Ate dinner , rested and washed up. It was 11.30 pm and we headed to Melaka. Reached the city of Melaka , walked around and enjoyed the night life there as usual. 3 am in the morning , headed to Pantai Puteri. Played cards , talked and talked. Fell asleep by the beach. Woke up and there I was in the middle of the beach at 6 in the morning all alone. It was like some nightmare. Was freezing to death , so ran to the car and straight away grabbed my filter ciggies. Moral of the story , if your planning to spend the night by the beach , do wear layers of clothes and not just surf pants and singlets. 7 am , everybody was up and splashed straight into the friggin cold water. Washed up and headed to the city to buy some things. Everyone were exhausted so , we headed back to Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)


I have no clue what I've done , but all of a sudden life has been treating me extremely well. Am frigging thankful. So the second semester begins. The first thing that was on my mind was to pack my things and just stand by in case I get kicked out. Results day ! Long story short , managed to score something way beyond my expectations. Everybody was like WTF weyh ? hehehe ;P

Okayh , got over and done with the results. Then there was like this Mini Kakom thing. A sports event between blocks. Football, basketball , olahraga , bola tampar , badminton and many more. Its like a big event here. People with their posters, mascots and flags. Every afternoon for that whole month , you see hundreds of people gathering and cheering for their block. So this is like the time for people to participate and collect as many certificates. Guess what I took part in , BASKETBALL ! LMFAO ! Went for the try outs. And I didn't know how , but I managed to make the team. Another long story short , Won all the games and our team managed to get GOLD !

And there was like this cross country thing. A roughly 5 or 6 km run. Everyone who didn't participate in anything will take part in this competition. Coz every single event we participate brings us a certificate. So I just wanted the certificate so that my U application would look a lil nice ;) Bamm ! And the race begins. Jogged , walked , jogged and walked. Reached the finish line, got my certificate and walked away feeling happy that I accomplished what I wanted. Then the girl was like "Eh , nie kamu punye piala! ". I was like wth ? LOL. So thats my first time getting a medal for running LMFAO.

Then the English month begins. Battle of the bands , Acapela , Drama competion and Treasure Hunt. Yes , participated in the Drama Competition. At first I was like damn it , we don't stand a chance. Main problem , I had nobody in mind that I thought could act. Recruited people, Wrote the script , settled all the sound effects the same night and started practice right away. Did a story something like what we did during form 4 , but a lil modification done ;) 9th December , 8pm. That was the night. Second group to perform. When they called us , I could already hear people screaming freaking loud and that was what got us all pumped up. Especially the part when I transformed into the joker , the whole back row stood on the chair and screamed ;) Long story short , 1st place goes to the team MUGSHOT ! And best actor goes to MALEK REDZA ! Thank God , with all the practices day and night , it was all worth it ! Was surprised how committed the people here can be. Like seriously , you guys are the best. Fellow actors and actresses , Lighting manager , sound effects , props and backstage crew and not to forget, the supporters and fellow friends who came to support us and left right after we performed , thank you ! haha.

So here are some pictures during the drama competition.

The make up session.


And best actor goes to *coughs coughs*

Team Mugshot ! ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Wazzzzuuupp !

Its been too long. So since this is like one of the few nights that I'm back at home and not out , me shall update me blog ;)

So life has been quite fun. I am thankful that I'm actually enjoying my life now whether its back to the small town of Kuala Pilah or the awesome city of Petaling Jaya. I've come to the point that I'll just have to make do with the situation and just fit in. And the results , POSITIVE. My first semester just ended and God knows how I did. Just hoping that my pointer would fulfill the requirements of proceeding to the 2nd semester.

After my finals , had a 1 week and a half break. It was hectic. Was happy that I got to see faces
that I wish to see again. There are a few other people that I didn't get to see , but it seems like I am the only one making the effort to keep in touch. Suit yourself brother ! If I would type it out in detail , it would take me hours. So as usual , lets just let the pictures do the talking aite ;D

This was on the way back home from college.

Watched Life as we know it .

Went to KL with the boys.
It reminded me of the good old days

Zul-walie !

The old KUMON buddy !

The chick that I havent seen for Bloody long !

Zee twin brothers.

Zee Safar Abdul.

Zee fellow colleagues.

Napoli Bianco mixed with Classico !

Zee afternoon spent with Karuna's daughter ;D

Thats bout it la. I bring me camera almost everywhere but its whether I actually use it or not ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

click click.

My time have been occupied with movies and series. Getting myself updated. Hey , its not always that the frog gets out from the tempurung aite ? haha. Finally , after seeing almost every human being on facebook updating their status about Step Up 3 , I got to watch it. Went to Curve with the siblings. It was awesome ! Less drama and more dancing this time. Gotta love the story line.

After Step Up 3 , got myself all pumped up to watch more movies. So watched Grown Ups , another of Adam Sandler's funny shits ! Oh ma gawd , its like so damn funny. 5 friends who were in their primary school basketball team together. Then their coach died and they gathered together. Watching this movie makes me wonder whether would we friends turn out that way ? Like what we always say rite , lepak2 together with our family LOL. But seriously la , its such a funny show. Way better then Vampire Sucks that REALLY SUCKS ! haha.

I'm also updated with the latest episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Things are getting more interesting with a whole lot of drama. Yeah baby , anything that involves drama , count me in ! *wink wink*

So that's bout it.
Life is great !
When the buzzer in life buzzes , you have no regrets.

A RedzaRox Production :)


Yeah baby ! Finally , I'm done with puasa. Its such a great feeling knowing that you can
eat , smoke , dig my ears or nose in day light LOL. 1 month of puasa is over which means
Hari Raya is tomorrow ! So would like to take this oppurtunity to wish all my Muslim friends
SELAMAT HARI RAYA AND MAAF ZAHIR BATIN. Forgive and forget people ! Have a safe and awesome celebration :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My blog died for a few weeks.

So yeah ! How you people ? Have been so busy the past few weeks. If I had the time pun ,
felt so lazy to update. So now that my Raya holiday has started , am trying to meng-rajinkan
myself to update.

Have been fasting for almost one month. Yes bitches , I puasa ! Its kinda annoying that people
kept thinking that I don't puasa. What the hell la , who are they to judge aite. Its between me and

I actually enjoyed fasting there. Waking up every morning at 4.30 am to have our morning
breakfast. Banging peoples door , screaming like idiots , playing with the fire hos and not forgetting the almost every night shisha session.

It all became more fun during the last week before our Raya holiday. Where almost everyone there had a pocket full of different and freaking loud fire crackers. They actually had a war between blocks to see who has the better and louder ones. A group of people would gather in a room , lock the door , burn one of em , throw it out the window and BOOM ! And we'll start screaming like shit haha. Then the people from the other block would do the same to challenge us LOL.

Then during the last night , we actually gathered together, all dressed up in Baju Melayu , sat in a room , played a song on the speakers and started dancing haha. Was so much fun la. I must say , the people there really know how to make things exciting.

This people are actually so semangat-ed for Raya.

You see , when you have people who would back you up in a fight , don't mind walking next to you no matter how ridiculous you looked or don't mind getting in trouble together , then you'll know that you have friends. Am thankful :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

A lil taste of the Historical Town.

Had a road trip to Melaka with a few of my college friends. Well , it was a low budget and last minute plan that turned out pretty fun.

There were 8 of us and we rented an old Ford Van. Left right after our replacement class
on Saturday and reached there just in time to break our fast. I must say , everything there is so
freaking nice. I really did under estimate Melaka. Thought it would just be a lame historical city
but it was so damn happening. Especially at night , lights here and there , loud music everywhere.

Checked out the Malls first. From Mahkota Parade to Dataran Pahlawan. Then headed to some park. Walked around and you can see all the old buildings and the old ships that they used during the war long time ago.

We then went to Jonker Street to burn some bucks. I was hypnotized by the cheap and not bad quality things there. I spent all my money and could actually went to the ATM to withdraw more just to buy more stuff. It was like heaven ! The place was flooded with people. Its so much fun and better then Uptown. Gahh , was so darn satisfied and kept thinking whether I should buy more things :)

So every night , there will be this group of people who parks their car and blast music
using their very the awesome speakers.

So Aaron , cepat la do like this haha.

A proton Waja

Was 3 something in the morning. Like I said , it was a low budget and last minute plan. So we didn't actually have a place to sleep. Had the most awesome idea , drove to Selat Melaka where the Eye of Malaysia was. Parked our van right where the wind blew freaking strong and rested for a few hours. Had our sahor at some nearby restaurant.

The view in the morning.

We pretty much make everywhere like our home

Continued the journey after getting enough rest. Went to some Mosque by the beach. The view was breath taking. Walked around and chilled looking at the waves. Then headed to the public beach.

I was charging my phone there. And bumped into some old dude who takes care
of the place. He said that its a dangerous area coz there are pirates who comes of
and on and steals things from the mosque :O

After going through one hell of an adventure , we headed back to campus :)

A RedzaRox Production :)