Sunday, January 31, 2010


Had a family dinner at Delicious, Bangsar Village. It was awesome ! Really really worth it. Ate so much till I just felt like puking. Get me a bucket please ! :D

Have nothing much to talk bout. So just let the pictures tell you bout it aite :D

My dish :D

I love this picture weyh. The one I look after everyday of my life :)

Aussie Aussie Aussie , oi oi oi !

Zainals production haha :D

That's bout it la. There's more but like duh , I'll only put the ones I'm in :D

Bangsar Village is such a fun place to hang out when you have money. Its like the Beverly Hills of Malaysia. I find it one of the best place to mencuci mata :DD

Maintain a good relationship with your family
coz they are your hands and legs to walk through life :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Balls !

Damn , I have no idea why I hate my boss so much weyh. Every time I see him I just feel like whacking the shit out of him. Face problem to the max !

Few questions he asked me when the first time I met him.

Question :
So do you have any problems working here so far ?
Answer :
No , its ok.
In my heart :
Yeah , there's no fucking work to do ! All I do is just go online and walk around and have to look at your fucking face !

Question :
I hope when we have a formal event , you can dress up formally. Can you ?
Answer :
Yeah , not a problem.
In my heart :
Dude , I fucking got prom king okayh ! So like duh I can dress up much better then you !

Question :
I heard you have been coming in for work at 9am . But your suppose to come in at 8am. Okay ?
Answer :
Yeah , but the Proff said I can come in at 9 am. But if it starts at 8 am then okayhh la.
In my heart :
Stupid idiot ! I come in at 9 am pun dah takde work to do then you want me to come in an hour earlier ? Are stupid or what ? Thought you were some masters holder or what not ? Dumb shit !

Grrrr ! I get so angry when he's around. I have no freaking idea why. I just feel like wearing football boots and just jump on his face haha. Gay like fark !

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Somehow , I miss every single moment that Ive gone through life -.-

I miss going to school . I miss teasing everyone in class .I miss going tuition early and hanging out at the mamak. I miss going to MidV after every interact event. I miss hanging out at OU. I miss ICC. I miss going for ICC rehearsals. I miss buying things for prom. I miss prom night. I miss going ABC every night. I miss going AC. I miss going to dropzone everyday after going to the library. I miss going shisha at KL. I miss taking pictures . I miss gossiping. I miss drama practice. I miss laughing loudly. I miss going bowling every Monday. I miss playing cards in class. I miss skipping tuition and getting caught. I miss hanging out with my family and friends.

GRRRRR ! Basically , I MISS EVERYTHING ! I feel as if I'm dead every time I'm at work.
Its like I'm a robot doing work. By the time I'm at home , I'll feel sleepy as hell.

I don't want to stop and just keep asking money from my parents.
So if this is what it takes for me to earn my own money , then I'll just have to deal with it.

Well , that's life rite ?

I think about the years I spent , just passing through.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A few pictures which explains my everyday surroundings :)

Entrance of the PBIU lab.
Plant Biotechnology Incubator Unit.

The so called lobby.

The launch.

My table.

Makro , mikro , ferum , vitamin bla bla bla.

Chemicals and equipments that I have been playing with to do the media for plants.

Culture room.

My chamber for culturing plants.

Growth room.
Love hanging out here coz its so friggin cold :D

Plants , plants and more plants.

Lastly , I would like to introduce my best friend at work :P

Meet Mr Tetek Lembu :)
He was made out of used rubber gloves.
He's so fun to play with. A friend to entertain me when I'm bored :D

Check out he's sexy ass. There's a lil freckles here and there. But what the heck aite ?

So that's the environment that I see everyday :)

Owh owh owh , work officially starts at 8 am now.
An extra hour to waste , FTW -.-
Guess am not gonna go out often at night.

A RedzaRox Production :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Woot woot !

Wahh , there's so many things to blog bout but am so malas.
Coz the only time I can blog is at work and theres no pictures to put up.
And a blog without pictures suck haha. Oh what the heck !

My first day of experiencing two jobs. From 9 am till 5 pm at UM.
Then from 6pm till 9.30pm at KUMON. So its like 12 hours of working.
Then straight away after KUMON ,walked to Kumaran's house and went AC till like 3 am.
Freaking tired ! haha. Then went back home online for a while till 5am and slept.

Woke up at 2.30 pm. Lepak2 with Priy Karuna and Hannan.
Then stoned at home till at night.
Again , headed to AC.

Had mengaji at noon. Fuckin hot day. Slept right after mengaji.
Then Kumaran woke me up by calling. Went to Fraser's Tower , lepak2 and watch them dance.
Then went for dinner at some place near Sri Aman.
Nasi Lemak and otak-otak :DD Went for ice cream at Mcd at somewhere.
Gossip gossip and gossip :)

Monday ?
Guess am gonna stone the whole day ! SERONOK ! Weed anyone ? :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


So yesterday was quite fun. Went to MidV after work with Putra and gang. Lame gile tak jumpe owh. The last time I met him was at prom. Finally we got the group back together. So its every Wednesday aite ? haha.

Watched some Indon movie called Merantau Warrior. Its so damn funny la but not bad for an Asian action movie. Its about this dude from some kampung in Indon and went to the city to find a job. Then he like rescued this chick who is a whore . Then the gangsters and all wants to kill him. So yeah. The funny part is Putra looks a lil Indon-ish. So the whole time in the cinema , we were like comparing him and the people in the movie LOL

Then met up with Palie , Hazman and Esfan since they work at Isetan gardens. Finally got to keep in touch with them.

Guess where I am now people , WORK -.-

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keep Moving On

Hey ho , lets go !

OMG biggest loser was so freaking funny ! Kevin is so cute weyh , playing with Marilyn's ass LOL.

Damn , you must think I'm crazy but I got myself another job. So am working two jobs now :D Gonna start working at KUMON again haha. Starting this Friday . Coz I was thinking , since I don't do much at UM and still getting paid , might as well I earn more money. I know its gonna be really tiring , but I'm up for it. So see yeah soon auntie Anne and Uncle Kevin :P

The conclusion is , don't ask me out on Tuesday nights aite ! haha Coz I'm really gonna need the sleep. My teori for working is to struggle and work hard and make everything I do worth it :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

Monday, January 18, 2010


If we crawl until we can walk again.
Then we'll run , until were strong enough to jump.
Then we'll fly until there is no wind :)

Hello again !

Golden Globe was chun la. The host was freaking funny ! Glee won for best TV series or something like that. So happy for them gahhaha.

Nowadays, I only work for like an hour -.- I' get so freaking sleepy when I'm doing nothing. Better I just stay home and just go there when they need me to do something. At least I get to sleep at home.

I was so bored at work till I have time to read every single post of mine and just laugh by myself haha. Funny like shit la reading all the stupid moments in the past. That shows how lifeless I am. But getting paid to be lifeless , I dont mind :D So I shall read everybody's blog from their very first post haha :P

People ! update ur blog la ! I need something to read coz all I do now is just liking everyone's post at FB -.-

A RedzaRox Production :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Like a rose

This is what I call photography without a BIG camera :P

Hello humans ,

Watched Bruno today. Its freaking hilarious ! It's too hilarious till it became disgusting LOL. There's more dicks then titties in the movie -__- I suggest you watch it alone coz it'll be so awkward if you watch it with someone else haha.

After that , watched PS I LOVE YOU on astro for like the 4th time. Love Align Rightthat movie. Sad and indeed satisfying :D

"Dad died ! I was 14 and I said to myself "no more men". Then I met Gerry .And he DIED! Whats the point !"

It's so sad ! Try putting yourself in that position. Get married with someone you really really love and he or she dies after a few years. IMAGINE IT ! Not being able to see them ever again. It just kills you rite ?

So its Sunday. I hate Sundays ! After getting to wake up late and going out all night without worrying how many more hours left for me to sleep. And its back to work -.-

I think I need to chill at home for a few days which means no going out. My mum told me that I have been treating the house like a hotel. Checking in and out like nobodies business. Pity her . So yeah , need to spend time with my family. In fact , I kinda miss hanging out at home. Like what they always say , there's no place like home :)

This much I know is true , that God bless the broken road.
That lead me straight to you :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

Friday, January 15, 2010


I want Glee ! Now Glee season 1 is starting on astro next week .
CRAP ! Then all the people that didn't berusaha to download , get to watch it just like that.
The next thing we know , rempits pun dah start watching it ! -__-
Then all the stupid SCHOOL kids pun wanna take picture like me HAHAHAHAHA.
Ok ok , I realize that's a lil exaggerating :D


Shit la , since we were like talking bout ghosts and stuff at ABC yesterday ,
I'm starting to get paranoid -_- Dah la my house like Safari. Then when I reached home
it was 3 something a.m (the time the girl got possessed in Exorcism of Emily Rose) .
Then wanna wait for my sister to open the door like so lame. Waited , waited and waited.
Then when I hear her foot steps coming , she can slowly ask , "Redza ?".
Then I was like "Yeah ! Bukak la ! ". HAHAHAHA.
A RedzaRox Production :)


So why Chun Wei wants my mum badly ? LOL.

Shes so funny la. I love to treat my mum like a small kid HAHA. :D

Comments on her FB ,

"Assalamualaikum Kak Rozi ! Hidup saya di makmal ini sangat membosankan ! Silalah hantar beberapa batang rokok jika ade masa HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !"

And all she does on FB is FarmVille. So I like kacau her a lil la when she publish some post bout FarmVille.

"I got a brown chicken . YA YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY ! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! muah ! meow ! grrrr ! woof woof !"

When I'm bored at work , I'll spam her FB like shit and she'll still layan me.
When I'm bored at home , I'll hug her till she screams like freaking loud.
When I'm sleepy, I'll ask her to sit down so I can put my head on her marshmallow-like stomach.
When I'm seriously bored at home , I'll force her to hug me real tight.
When I need someone to smoke with , I'll ajak her smoke with me.
When I need to sleep , I'll ask her to tickle my leg

I'm so bad kan ? That's what makes me love her so much. If she was single , I'll so go for her :D Too bad , shes taken by Mr Zainal -__- HAHAHA.

A RedzaRox Production :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


YAY YAY ! American Idol season 9 !
Finally something to look forward to. Lets just pray that the winner for this season actually deserves winning la :D
Owh , and YAY YAY ! Paula Abdul the retard dah takde :D

A RedzaRox Production :)


Hi *your name* , lame tak jumpe :P

Damn , it has been 2 weeks of working and it feels like years. But I'm starting to get the hang of it. Just cant wait to get paid. Its been too long since I last went shopping and that was like a few days before prom. I have so many things on my mind to buy !
Since boredom is killing me slowly , lets talk crap.

Every day when I get back from lunch and go online , the wall is always full of SCHOOL students telling the whole FB community how COOL they were at school. Like so lame. Dah la nerd like dog , then wanna bangga2 at FB -_- Not all school students , but most of em.

Hair like shit , wanna take picture !
Face like nerd , wanna tell everyone he's the most havoc person.
Didn't go to school for ONE day , wanna write at he's status.
Owh , just put a sock in it ! haha :P

So funny la. I love spamming my mums Facebook when I'm bored at work LOL ! Dah la she like layan je. So frigging cute ! HAHAHA ! I'm so gonna hug her till she screams when I get back from work :D

Weyh kawan2 , jom la AC ! Then we can jual broadband there pun :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

Monday, January 11, 2010


Finally , home sweet home :D So have been gone since Saturday. Tried my best to spend as much time with the relatives from Sarawak since it has been YEARS since Ive last met them. It was freaking fun ! Catching up with stories , doing all the stupid things that we used to do together and finally having the relatives that I really actually click with. Slept over their house in KL .

The amazing view from the balcony .

Meet Daddy Bush !

He's like our personal bouncer ! When we were like walking at Malls , people kept staring at us. Lagi2 when he wears his ear phone only on one side LOL.

Meet Junior . I totally forgot his real name coz Ive been calling him Junior since I was born.

Meet Arika . The awesome HSM dancer LOL !

Changkat mali ! haha.

I hate the feeling when we have spent so much time with a group of people and saying goodbye just like that. But its okay. Rainforest 2010 , here I come ! and the next Za'ba gathering ! May we dominate all those other lame cousins of ours :D Really gonna miss all our stupid moments together la.

A RedzaRox Production :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sleepy Hollow

I don't want much , I just want everything :D

Since I don't have much to do at work , have been browsing through facebook again and again -_- I hate it when people join in all those stupid groups weyh. Its so LAME ! Dah la the same people yang keeps joining different groups. They actually think its so cool to join lots and lots of group ? Go get a life la. I also hate it when losers take a picture of themselves and tag banyak2 people. Dekat the nose la , the hair , the eyes , the boobs . Like WTF, i guess its a way for them to get notice and their picture will appear at the other persons profile ? Better they just take a picture of themselves and just stick it at bus stops , pasar malam or even better at a public toilet bowl. They can even put their number there. That's what they want kan ? Popularity ?

Its only my third day of work. Everyday when I check in , its like 3 hours of work and 5 hours of nothing. Most of the 5 hours are spent in the toilet since they don't allow smoking there. Any ideas on what to do to waste those 5 hours ?

Shit weyh , totally forgot to steal my mums cigarettes . Now I have to tahan for another 4 hours .


A RedzaRox Production :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Test tubes and Beakers

Work has been really fun and interesting. I feel what I've learned in Bio and chemistry is finally being used. The doing work part je la is fun , but when there's no work , I'll be online and now have decided to blog HAHA. Quite fun la , getting paid for relaxing and doing just a lil work :D

The question , what do I do at work ?

Basically , I'm a lab assistant at one of the Biochemical labs in University Malaya. The main aim is to do as much tissue culture ( cloning plants ) as we can. There are 3 main plant seeds that we clone. They are bananas , tobaccos and pineapples. Next week , we are gonna start cloning a new kind of seed which leads to more learning. Really interesting la!!! At school , we used to just learn bout chemicals and stuff , but now I get to mix the chemicals for real. I just succeeded in cloning my first tobacco plant , owh save the applause!! :D Working with all these chemicals is really digging the interest out of me weyh.! But I don't wanna spend my whole life in a lab -__- Its ok , there's like few more months for me to think bout it.

Another question people kept asking me , how did I get the job ?

Thanks to my mum's many contacts. Her friend, the highest ranking professor here gave me the job. The end :P Guess am gonna continue working here till may ? Coz there's a hypothesis for the payment here.
"The longer I work , the higher the salary paid".
So faham2 je la HAHA!!!!

A RedzaRox Production :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Say Yes.

Went for ABC and to AC at night. Nothing much happened la. Everybody is just depressed knowing that one by one of us are leaving. Owh well , that's life. All we can do is just stay in touch with each other and continue our lepak sessions as much as we can aite :D

Kamal's birthday. Went to One Utama to spend time with the birthday boy and the Samad gang. It's been so long since I last hung out with them ever since our addmaths tuition ended. Was really fun la. Updating each other like we used to in tuition. Watched Band Slam. Awesome movie ! Its so not a chick flick ! Owh and bumped into Yew Wing , Parmar and Su Kim *eyebrows* HAHAHAHAHA. Then went for Shisha , dropped Ashwin home and chowed.

Damn ! Starting work tomorrow -___- No more late night outings. I'm gonna be a loner surrounded by old University students. Can't imagine eating lunch all alone. Haish ! Just hope it ain't boring la. Test tubes , beakers and chemicals , here I come ! :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hear Your Soul

Firstly , Happy New Year to everyone and may you guys have a blast in 2010 and make full use of the time you have. Hopefully 2010 will be as good as 2009. The year 2009 was one freaking awesome year ! A year that I'll remember for the rest of my life.

New Years Eve was really really fun. Something very different.

-Bbq at Fraser's Tower .
Was all good except for the stupid chicken wing. So hard to eat the skin haha.

-To Curve to watch the fireworks.
As usual , crowded , packed and lots of those stupid sprays -_-
But the fireworks was real awesome la.
Didn't stay long. Left rite after the fireworks ended.

-Went to BBJ to eat.

-Then to ABC for shisha and hang out.
Finally , the whole group was complete. Laughed , sucked , laughed and sucked again :D

-Kumz place to chill.
Played Guitar Hero and Taboo. Was damn fun la.
Me and Mun Fai were like looking at the tree hoping to see a lil girl up there LOL.
Nichole also turned into a ghost.

-KLIA to send DK of to United Kingdom.
Was so effing sad weyh. Tears automatically came out when I saw him going down the escalator.
Imagining if that was me just made it even worse.
Made me realize that sooner or later we all are going in our own separate ways.
Really gonna miss your humour and you touching my tits la HAHA. Im sure you'll do okay there. Just don't go whacking the lift or drink coke :D

This is the best new years i've ever experienced so far although we didn't spend much time at those HAPPENING places. Its because we spent it with the awesome people :)

A RedzaRox Production :)