Friday, January 15, 2010


I want Glee ! Now Glee season 1 is starting on astro next week .
CRAP ! Then all the people that didn't berusaha to download , get to watch it just like that.
The next thing we know , rempits pun dah start watching it ! -__-
Then all the stupid SCHOOL kids pun wanna take picture like me HAHAHAHAHA.
Ok ok , I realize that's a lil exaggerating :D


Shit la , since we were like talking bout ghosts and stuff at ABC yesterday ,
I'm starting to get paranoid -_- Dah la my house like Safari. Then when I reached home
it was 3 something a.m (the time the girl got possessed in Exorcism of Emily Rose) .
Then wanna wait for my sister to open the door like so lame. Waited , waited and waited.
Then when I hear her foot steps coming , she can slowly ask , "Redza ?".
Then I was like "Yeah ! Bukak la ! ". HAHAHAHA.
A RedzaRox Production :)

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