Monday, January 11, 2010


Finally , home sweet home :D So have been gone since Saturday. Tried my best to spend as much time with the relatives from Sarawak since it has been YEARS since Ive last met them. It was freaking fun ! Catching up with stories , doing all the stupid things that we used to do together and finally having the relatives that I really actually click with. Slept over their house in KL .

The amazing view from the balcony .

Meet Daddy Bush !

He's like our personal bouncer ! When we were like walking at Malls , people kept staring at us. Lagi2 when he wears his ear phone only on one side LOL.

Meet Junior . I totally forgot his real name coz Ive been calling him Junior since I was born.

Meet Arika . The awesome HSM dancer LOL !

Changkat mali ! haha.

I hate the feeling when we have spent so much time with a group of people and saying goodbye just like that. But its okay. Rainforest 2010 , here I come ! and the next Za'ba gathering ! May we dominate all those other lame cousins of ours :D Really gonna miss all our stupid moments together la.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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