Monday, January 18, 2010


If we crawl until we can walk again.
Then we'll run , until were strong enough to jump.
Then we'll fly until there is no wind :)

Hello again !

Golden Globe was chun la. The host was freaking funny ! Glee won for best TV series or something like that. So happy for them gahhaha.

Nowadays, I only work for like an hour -.- I' get so freaking sleepy when I'm doing nothing. Better I just stay home and just go there when they need me to do something. At least I get to sleep at home.

I was so bored at work till I have time to read every single post of mine and just laugh by myself haha. Funny like shit la reading all the stupid moments in the past. That shows how lifeless I am. But getting paid to be lifeless , I dont mind :D So I shall read everybody's blog from their very first post haha :P

People ! update ur blog la ! I need something to read coz all I do now is just liking everyone's post at FB -.-

A RedzaRox Production :)

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