Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Say Yes.

Went for ABC and to AC at night. Nothing much happened la. Everybody is just depressed knowing that one by one of us are leaving. Owh well , that's life. All we can do is just stay in touch with each other and continue our lepak sessions as much as we can aite :D

Kamal's birthday. Went to One Utama to spend time with the birthday boy and the Samad gang. It's been so long since I last hung out with them ever since our addmaths tuition ended. Was really fun la. Updating each other like we used to in tuition. Watched Band Slam. Awesome movie ! Its so not a chick flick ! Owh and bumped into Yew Wing , Parmar and Su Kim *eyebrows* HAHAHAHAHA. Then went for Shisha , dropped Ashwin home and chowed.

Damn ! Starting work tomorrow -___- No more late night outings. I'm gonna be a loner surrounded by old University students. Can't imagine eating lunch all alone. Haish ! Just hope it ain't boring la. Test tubes , beakers and chemicals , here I come ! :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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