Sunday, January 17, 2010

Like a rose

This is what I call photography without a BIG camera :P

Hello humans ,

Watched Bruno today. Its freaking hilarious ! It's too hilarious till it became disgusting LOL. There's more dicks then titties in the movie -__- I suggest you watch it alone coz it'll be so awkward if you watch it with someone else haha.

After that , watched PS I LOVE YOU on astro for like the 4th time. Love Align Rightthat movie. Sad and indeed satisfying :D

"Dad died ! I was 14 and I said to myself "no more men". Then I met Gerry .And he DIED! Whats the point !"

It's so sad ! Try putting yourself in that position. Get married with someone you really really love and he or she dies after a few years. IMAGINE IT ! Not being able to see them ever again. It just kills you rite ?

So its Sunday. I hate Sundays ! After getting to wake up late and going out all night without worrying how many more hours left for me to sleep. And its back to work -.-

I think I need to chill at home for a few days which means no going out. My mum told me that I have been treating the house like a hotel. Checking in and out like nobodies business. Pity her . So yeah , need to spend time with my family. In fact , I kinda miss hanging out at home. Like what they always say , there's no place like home :)

This much I know is true , that God bless the broken road.
That lead me straight to you :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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