Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A few pictures which explains my everyday surroundings :)

Entrance of the PBIU lab.
Plant Biotechnology Incubator Unit.

The so called lobby.

The launch.

My table.

Makro , mikro , ferum , vitamin bla bla bla.

Chemicals and equipments that I have been playing with to do the media for plants.

Culture room.

My chamber for culturing plants.

Growth room.
Love hanging out here coz its so friggin cold :D

Plants , plants and more plants.

Lastly , I would like to introduce my best friend at work :P

Meet Mr Tetek Lembu :)
He was made out of used rubber gloves.
He's so fun to play with. A friend to entertain me when I'm bored :D

Check out he's sexy ass. There's a lil freckles here and there. But what the heck aite ?

So that's the environment that I see everyday :)

Owh owh owh , work officially starts at 8 am now.
An extra hour to waste , FTW -.-
Guess am not gonna go out often at night.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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