Thursday, January 28, 2010


Somehow , I miss every single moment that Ive gone through life -.-

I miss going to school . I miss teasing everyone in class .I miss going tuition early and hanging out at the mamak. I miss going to MidV after every interact event. I miss hanging out at OU. I miss ICC. I miss going for ICC rehearsals. I miss buying things for prom. I miss prom night. I miss going ABC every night. I miss going AC. I miss going to dropzone everyday after going to the library. I miss going shisha at KL. I miss taking pictures . I miss gossiping. I miss drama practice. I miss laughing loudly. I miss going bowling every Monday. I miss playing cards in class. I miss skipping tuition and getting caught. I miss hanging out with my family and friends.

GRRRRR ! Basically , I MISS EVERYTHING ! I feel as if I'm dead every time I'm at work.
Its like I'm a robot doing work. By the time I'm at home , I'll feel sleepy as hell.

I don't want to stop and just keep asking money from my parents.
So if this is what it takes for me to earn my own money , then I'll just have to deal with it.

Well , that's life rite ?

I think about the years I spent , just passing through.

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