Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Test tubes and Beakers

Work has been really fun and interesting. I feel what I've learned in Bio and chemistry is finally being used. The doing work part je la is fun , but when there's no work , I'll be online and now have decided to blog HAHA. Quite fun la , getting paid for relaxing and doing just a lil work :D

The question , what do I do at work ?

Basically , I'm a lab assistant at one of the Biochemical labs in University Malaya. The main aim is to do as much tissue culture ( cloning plants ) as we can. There are 3 main plant seeds that we clone. They are bananas , tobaccos and pineapples. Next week , we are gonna start cloning a new kind of seed which leads to more learning. Really interesting la!!! At school , we used to just learn bout chemicals and stuff , but now I get to mix the chemicals for real. I just succeeded in cloning my first tobacco plant , owh save the applause!! :D Working with all these chemicals is really digging the interest out of me weyh.! But I don't wanna spend my whole life in a lab -__- Its ok , there's like few more months for me to think bout it.

Another question people kept asking me , how did I get the job ?

Thanks to my mum's many contacts. Her friend, the highest ranking professor here gave me the job. The end :P Guess am gonna continue working here till may ? Coz there's a hypothesis for the payment here.
"The longer I work , the higher the salary paid".
So faham2 je la HAHA!!!!

A RedzaRox Production :)

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