Thursday, February 25, 2010


The only Idol I know.

Was really looking forward for American Idol and ended up becoming a huge
disappointment. All the girls suck except for the chick with white hair
She has a unique voice and am loving her style.
For the guys , lots of wrong song choices.
I kinda like the Casey , the dude who sang we're in heaven and also
the Lee Deviz who sang Chasing Cars. And the others , hmm -.-

LOL to all the Andrew Garcia fans :P I don't know why , but I just don't dig him man.
So why American Idol died after season 8 ?

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Hands Up

Miss going to AC for 5 minutes with her LOL.

Hey banana , what you doing ?
Wazzzzuuupp ! haha.
Weng Onn Weng onn .

Spent the whole night catching up with Kishan and Dinesh on msn.
Miss hanging out with these losers weyh LOL. No offence :)
They're really fun people to talk to.

Today suddenly got banyak work. From washing jars to
culturing 40 pineapple plant. Spent the whole day culturing.
Tired of sitting down -.-
Tomorrow is a public holiday.
Wohoo ! Gonna go get my hair done. Excited :D

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunny Weather

Yesterday as expected , a REALLY tiring day. Not UM , but for sure KUMON.
11 work sheets per student was hell. Took us so long just to get done with one.
Back hurts like crap. Surprisingly , it was really fun. Watching a kid fall was
so darn funny man LOL :) Worked overtime till 11pm. The minute the last student
left , we started making noise like crazy. Talking crap while marking . Went for
dinner at SS2 Nasi Kandar Kayu and straight home.

As I mentioned on my FB status ,
Exhausted yet Satisfied :)

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Tears We Cry

Back at work ! Everything is just the same. The little amount of work and stuff. Nothing changed since I left. Even the frigging jars that I soaked like a week ago ! So dumb weyh the people. At least help wash it la since they don't have a life -.- LOL.

Have been occupying my time by reading the undang book. Its so boring. Full of crap. Especially the ujian buta warna. Read for a while and my eye balls started to hurt.

Damn it , I have KUMON tomorrow. Its gonna be a really tiring day . 11 work sheets per student thanks to the CNY holiday -.-

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Visual Shit

I blog when I'm rotting :) Just finished my mums box of 20 and I'm pretty sure she'll get angry.
Its been a long time since I've gone to work. I HAVE to go tomorrow so I can get my pay on the 25th. I'm so lazy to go back and look at the same faces again and again. Currently looking for another job where I don't have to cut my hair or wear ugly uniforms. Any suggestions ?

So people keep saying that SPM results are coming out soon. I'm excited yet scared. Just wanna get over and done with it.

Damn it , I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again. I want a baby ! LOL. I want something that I can take care off and play with. I love babies :) Someone go make one fast and let me take care of him/her. I know I wont get one fast coz sadly , I'm not sexual enough :P

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Bulu Dekat Wrist

Turn your head people :)

Went to Carrie's house. Awkward at first but everything ended up well. Fun night :) Highlight of the night , Ghost Stories. I'm totally jealous seeing my friends enjoying their college life with the kind of people they actually can click with. I doubt mine will be fun. Well , I'll just have to start burning all my shorts and throw away my ear rings.

Did practically nothing the whole day since I only woke up at 5.30 in the evening. Watched American Idol. Exciting yet draggy. Then went out at night to some place in Puchong. Talked talked and talked. Then went back home before midnight thinking of going to work the next morning.

Ended up skipping work the whole week :D I just love the feeling when I'm not at work. Its so relaxing. Chilling at home and getting updated on whats happening at home and stuff. Went for my Friday prayers.

Then headed to MidValley with Hazman. Watched Valentine's day. So weird watching it with a guy friend LOL. The couple next to me just couldn't get their hands off each other. Well , that's what couples do right. Wait till my time comes :D Overall , the movie was awesome. The movie shows all different kind of people with their very own situation during Valentine's day. From a girl getting ready to have sex for the first time , to a dude getting rejected , to a lady discovering her boyfriend is cheating on her and many more. Watch it aite :)

Went back home and stoned. Went to ABC and then to AC. Called it a night since I was damn sleepy.

Woke up at 1 pm. Went to the driving school beside Armada since its about time to stop driving without license. Got back home and slept again since the weather was killing me. Then went to fetch my sister and went to Section 14 to buy some stuff. Got back and slept again. As usual , AC at night.

Mengaji , send my mum here and there and now rotting at home :)

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Monday, February 15, 2010


Wow , such a good way to celebrate Chinese New Year :D

Woke up at 3 in the afternoon. Since mum had a massage apointment , took an oppurtunity to get myself a massage too. Had a full body massage. Damn , it was relaxing :) Fell asleep during the process. Definately worth paying for.

Then went out with the siblings to Tropicana City Mall. It was actually my first time there. A cool place to hang out. Something like Cinneleasure. A good place for a movie. Owh yeah , watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief ! Freaking awesome movie ! Best giler ! :D Go check it out.

The End :D
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Like a Pill

Damn it , I'm bored. So lets talk crap :D

American Idol rocks weyh ! Hollywood week just started. Ellen DeGeneres ! She is effin funny weyh ! She makes the show much more interesting :) Shes way better then Paula Abdul. Finally , something to look forward every week.

( Guy starts singing while beat boxing )
That was horrible
Yeah , somethings wrong with his mic

I have a feeling that this is going to be a good season. Fingers crossed !

Biggest Loser Asia is becoming like some joke weyh. From one by one going to the hospital , to voting themselves out , to revealing the water strategy , to falling in love and all those other crap la. Bet the Americans will laugh their ass off thinking how dumb could Asians be. But in away , its really entertaining. Bloody Kevin keeps losing so little and people just feel sorry for him and wont vote him out -.- Cant wait till next week la. From the review of next weeks episode , looks like Kevin berusaha dengan lebih gigih LOL.
Anokaba , Slamat talaga ! haha.

Giuliana and Bill. Damn it la , was so excited to watch it after Biggest Loser. But looks like its the end of season 1 already -.-

Bill , the winner of Apprentice season 1 and Giuliana , the E news host.
Their like the sweetest couple :D

Keeping Up with the Kardashians ! Found a website where I can watch all the latest episodes. Frigging awesome la. So now , I don't have to like wait for one week just to watch the next episode.

Bloody hell , look at her ass. Grrrr !

Their family rocks weyh. There's always something going wrong but that what makes it interesting :D

So these are like the main TV series that I follow :) Still waiting for new episodes of 90210 and Glee. Well , just have to let the NOOBS watch it on TV first :P Owh I'm like starting to watch Sex and the City. Its something like desperate Housewives. But the girls aren't as hot as those mothers in Desperate Housewives :)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One time

Yay ! Finally , i feel that I have a lil hope to go to heaven when I die LOL.

Found a phone at AC yesterday night. Quite chun la. Some touch screen phone. Wanted to flick it and trade it in for money then share the profit with Kumz. Then dah cepat2 run to the car to take the battery out and all. Suddenly the phone rang but I didn't pick it up . Suddenly the dude sent a message saying "Please don't take the phone". And I was like shit la , so kesian weyh. I feel damn bad. Imagine if I was in his position. Became a good boy and decided to call the dude and ask him to meet us at the foosball place .

See , I'm a really good person and I really deserve to go to heaven HAHA.

Dear God , if your reading this , please erase all my sins from the past and send me to heaven aite . Thanks ! Love you lah ! haha :)

May have done lots of stupids things in the past , but I'm pretty sure I'm not a thief. Except for the Pokemon doll that I stole from the flea market. But that's like RM 4 only :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Take Control

I'm really sick and tired of listening to people who always think their right. If they know it all , why do they even make mistakes in the past ? When they are at wrong , they'll always find the stupidest reasons to make themselves look right.

Why do I even bother worrying and thinking of a decision to make when at the end of the day, its not like my decision matters.

A RedzaRox Production :)

Rough Edge


Went to KL the whole day with the other gang and shopped since we felt rich after getting our first month salary LOL. Its like a trip back to memory lane where we used to go to KL every single weekend in big groups haha. Since everybody is busy with work and stuff , its just the 4 of us :D This is like the first salary where I feel really satisfied spending it and I have no frigging idea why. I'm just so happy LOL :D More money to come , just have to be patient :)

Zulpalie Pasta Pimple Face is my middle name :P

Ewan Cipoi Age OTW haha :P

When a building collapse , not all the bricks are separated :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

So called PD

Just realized how long I didn't update. Sorry people :)


Went Fraser's to hang out while they have their dance practice.
Lepak2 at the pool side and watch an old man stim haha.

Headed to Sunway for a movie to kill time. Watched Universal Soldier.
Was a last minute plan la. It was okayyhh.

Then went AC for dinner.
Bumped into Malini , Mijie and Suhaimi :) As usual , ABC after that.

A RedzaRox Production :)