Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Like a Pill

Damn it , I'm bored. So lets talk crap :D

American Idol rocks weyh ! Hollywood week just started. Ellen DeGeneres ! She is effin funny weyh ! She makes the show much more interesting :) Shes way better then Paula Abdul. Finally , something to look forward every week.

( Guy starts singing while beat boxing )
That was horrible
Yeah , somethings wrong with his mic

I have a feeling that this is going to be a good season. Fingers crossed !

Biggest Loser Asia is becoming like some joke weyh. From one by one going to the hospital , to voting themselves out , to revealing the water strategy , to falling in love and all those other crap la. Bet the Americans will laugh their ass off thinking how dumb could Asians be. But in away , its really entertaining. Bloody Kevin keeps losing so little and people just feel sorry for him and wont vote him out -.- Cant wait till next week la. From the review of next weeks episode , looks like Kevin berusaha dengan lebih gigih LOL.
Anokaba , Slamat talaga ! haha.

Giuliana and Bill. Damn it la , was so excited to watch it after Biggest Loser. But looks like its the end of season 1 already -.-

Bill , the winner of Apprentice season 1 and Giuliana , the E news host.
Their like the sweetest couple :D

Keeping Up with the Kardashians ! Found a website where I can watch all the latest episodes. Frigging awesome la. So now , I don't have to like wait for one week just to watch the next episode.

Bloody hell , look at her ass. Grrrr !

Their family rocks weyh. There's always something going wrong but that what makes it interesting :D

So these are like the main TV series that I follow :) Still waiting for new episodes of 90210 and Glee. Well , just have to let the NOOBS watch it on TV first :P Owh I'm like starting to watch Sex and the City. Its something like desperate Housewives. But the girls aren't as hot as those mothers in Desperate Housewives :)

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