Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One time

Yay ! Finally , i feel that I have a lil hope to go to heaven when I die LOL.

Found a phone at AC yesterday night. Quite chun la. Some touch screen phone. Wanted to flick it and trade it in for money then share the profit with Kumz. Then dah cepat2 run to the car to take the battery out and all. Suddenly the phone rang but I didn't pick it up . Suddenly the dude sent a message saying "Please don't take the phone". And I was like shit la , so kesian weyh. I feel damn bad. Imagine if I was in his position. Became a good boy and decided to call the dude and ask him to meet us at the foosball place .

See , I'm a really good person and I really deserve to go to heaven HAHA.

Dear God , if your reading this , please erase all my sins from the past and send me to heaven aite . Thanks ! Love you lah ! haha :)

May have done lots of stupids things in the past , but I'm pretty sure I'm not a thief. Except for the Pokemon doll that I stole from the flea market. But that's like RM 4 only :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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