Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Foot Echo

Malek , why never update ?
Coz I stop working la.

Went AC after KUMON.

Went Assunta's Carnival. Then to KFC for lunch.
Poh Yee's house after that to pegang her dog LOL.
Then to Sunway Pyramid and to AC as usual :D

Went to MidValley at night to watch Alice In Wonderland 3D.
It was okay. The effects was good but the story line was
kinda boring. Then to Al Safar without Gomez the working boy :P

Woke up and headed to AC with the Samad boys.
Lepak , lepak and lepak. Met up with Kumz and gang
later at night. Chowed kinda early.

AC after KUMON. Then to ABC.
Headed to Kumz house after that to watch Paranormal
Activity. Slept half way LOL.

Got up and ate lunch at Raju's and went home.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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