Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh No no no

Since I haven't got the time to update :)

Work work work. Went to AC really late.
Then followed them for futsal at Sports Planet.
Headed to Al Safar to get a taste of something new.
Mun Fai's house to gamble till the next morning.

Slept for a few hours. Woke up and went to Bangsar Village
to get my hair done. Credits to Priy and her mum :) Like what
I said before , your mum is freaking HOT ! LOL. Haven't took
picture with my new hair yet. Next post aite :D

Woke up freaking early. Went for the driving ceramah
at SDC. Sucks like shit. Seeing rempits trying so hard to
act cool reminds me of the form 5 dudes this year LOL .
Just sat there and buat kawan with some Indian dude.
Headed to One Utama after that with Kamal and Hazman.
Then to MidValley since they wanted to check out the skates
Got back home , showered and went to some shisha place
near One Utama. Again , went to Mun Fai's house to gamble
till the next morning.

Got home at 8 am and slept till 2 something. Went to OT to buy
ciggies and shits. Showered and accompanied Kumz to the saloon.
Then to MidValley and stoned.

Owh owh ,


Sorry didn't get you anything coz haven't got my frigging salary -.-
Neways , have a blast and keep it up with your awesome videos
aite . Love you lah :)

Back at work !

A RedzaRox Production :)

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