Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out My Window

Went to KL to shop with Hazman and Rambo :D
Freaking tiring. Walked around KL looking for awesome
clothes. Redza Zainal is a satisfied shopper :)
Cant wait for next month !
Then I'll shop again WOOT WOOT :]

Had my Undang test. Was so unprepared.
So much for not going out to study haha.
End up sleeping like a pig at home.

Failed the first time. Got 40/50. I was like WTF !
Then I straight away booked the next test
which is like 2 hours later.
Then finally passed. 45/50 :D

Back home , freaking sleepy. Slept and end up waking
up at 8.30pm. Missed like 2 and a half hours of KUMON LOL.
Straight away called Denise. Still went in for work and stayed
back till 10.45pm. Employee of the month yaw HAHA :]

A RedzaRox Production :)

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