Monday, April 26, 2010

By Me

Working at Italiannies made me meet all kinds of human species.

-The ones who thinks the 2 course meal promotion is
getting 2 main course for Rm 27.90.
WTF man , just go eat chicken rice la idiot !

-The ones who actually wait for quite some time
just for their 50 cent balance.

If you need the coins to use the public phone just say la !

-The ones who just go there and just order a cup of soup/drink.
Next time just let me know first so I can cepat2 shit at the
toilet bowl
for you to eat.

-A retarded family who says "Is he sick ? Has he taken his medicine ?"
when they hear me laugh.

You come here with your family and just order 2 meals to share for 5 people
wanna talk so much ? Go buy real short pants instead of boxers for
your husband
first la then only talk !

-A retard who desperately wants to sit inside when I already told him its full.
He actually went inside to see for himself. And wanted to sit at the couple
seat together with his family of 5.

Weyh shit head , first time coming to a restaurant where we don't
plastics tables to add ah ?

-Stupid girl who doesn't know the difference between
spag meat ball and spag mussel.
Ask your mum to show her vagina and your dad show his dick and
lets see whether you can tell the difference.

-Bitches who ignore me when I greet them and end up
hanging around in front when they don't know where to sit.

Next time must just stab them then only they realize I'm suppose
to bring them to their table.

Most of the customers are okay la. Just these few retards that
we have to deal with. Wow , what a relief typing all this shit out LOL.

A RedzaRox Production :)


I miss my frigging long hair ! Why the hell did I cut it just for a job :(

Damn how retarded can a person be ?
By not looking at your face and just nodding my head
when you talk to me ain't obvious enough that I don't
want to talk to you or have anything to do with you is it ?

Worked. Then went to Club of Bali with Eric and gang.
Lepak2 and went to ABC to meet up with JB Kumz and gang.
Chowed kinda early.

Worked and did nothing. Went home and slept :)

Just stoned at work. Over timed for some extra cash :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Had my 3 hour maintenance class. Wahh , manual is
really complicating. But the 3 hour class was kinda
fun. My instructor is an old Chinese man.
The first thing he said to me when I met him was ,
you are here to be a driver , not a mechanic. No need
to know bout the engine and stuff. I'll just let you drive.
So I was driving la , then suddenly some stupid dude
was so retarded that he came driving towards my car.
And my instructor was like " See this stupid boy.
He must be a sissy. Dah la wear cap as if its so hot" LOL.

Got over and done with the class in like 2 hours. Lepaked at some
mamak to waste time. Guess what we talked bout.
American Idol , Next top Model , Westlife , Nsync LOL.
So funny la this old man.

Went to AC at night to watch Barcelona vs Inter Milan.
Surprising rite ? Me watching football haha. No la , just went to
hang out. Bumped into Aaron and CJ. Kept each other
updated. Felt satisfied that I finally got to catch up on things
with them . We have so much THINGS in common :P

Worked from 1 to 11 pm. Host as usual :)
Then went for futsal later at night. AC-ed for
a while after that and chowed home.

Work work work. 11am to 9pm shift.
Got back home and went to ABC to see
Dhiren for the last time :( Gonna miss you man.
Hogwarts for life ! LOL
Lepak2 for a while and went home early coz
everyone seems to have class the next morning.

Was so freaking bored at work. So me and another dude
made a penis bread LOL. Took some of the extra dough
that they use to make the bread and shaped it into a penis haha.

Before cooked :D

After cooked :D LOL nice rite ?
Well , the stupid things I do to past time :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gotta Do It

Freaking miss 4/5 kuning man ! Its like the most awesome class.
So this is a picture of us and the trainee teacher. This dude is like an
alien man. Can't remember his name dowh. No body listens to him LOL.
Me and Kishan even practiced our singing in his class haha.

Kan at the end of his training , his proff will like come to observe him in class. So
before the observation started , he came to me , Gomez and few other people and said
"Malek , please be a good boy for 15 minutes only.
Then after my proff has finish his observation , you can do what ever you want" LOL.

So this is what I have done for the past two days :)

Was an awesome day. Kept getting tips
from every customer I served. Was damn lucky.
Tips from yesterday made me afford 2 boxes of
Dunhill light 20's and a plate of chicken rice haha :)
Over timed an extra 2 hours yesterday woot woot.

Did nothing the whole day man.
Business wasn't good at all till they asked
a few of the part timers to leave early.
Sadly , I had to stay coz I was the host.
Had fun chit chatting with the Bangla's.
They're freaking nice and fun people to talk to :D

OFF day babeyh ! But have to go
for my 3 hours driving class first in the
morning :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


A visit from zee school kids :P

I was like WTF man. It was freaking busy.
Every single table was occupied and there were still
like a few more group of people waiting for a table.
Finished work at 11.30 pm. That's why I didn't get to
answer my phone and join you guys . Sorry.

Went back home , showered and headed to AC for
a while with Rambo and others. Lepak2 and chowed home.

It was twice as worse than Friday man.
Thank god I was the host. Seeing the other workers
running around when I was just standing there playing the
cross word puzzle made me so happy LOL. The best part was
when one of the guest punye lil son suddenly came to us haha. So
freaking cute man ! He was so damn white and chubby.
Fuck man , when am I gonna get one of those LOL.
Kept hugging him and he kept smiling :) SO CUTE !

Lepak mamak for a while and chowed.

A RedzaRox Production :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

In My Bones

Day off. Practically slept the whole day.
Got up at night and followed Rambo and gang
for futsal. Then went to Bidara , shished and chowed.

Back to work. Freaking boring. Became host again.
Then Nat Loo and gang came visit me for a while :)
Finished work at 9pm. Headed to ABC with Jb, Kakit ,
Uvendran , Kumz and Dhiren. Then to AC.

The retarded management didn't know whats the use
of a phone. They didn't even bother calling me to let me
know that I don't have to come in for work due to
lack of sales and too much staffs working. So they want to cut
cost. So the minute I reached there , the bitchy boss told me
that I can go back. BLOODY IDIOT !

Didn't want to waste my time loitering around.
So went to Celebrity Fitness and work out. Freaking awesome
man. I'm so in love with the steam room weyh. Sat in it for like
15 minutes and I was already sweating like shit. So gonna do that
everyday if I have the time man :)

Owh also bumped into Mun Fai and Aaron. Just for a few minutes.
They where got time to lepak with me nemore :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three Cheers

Work as usual. Then met up with Kumz and gang after work.
Went to BBJ and to AC after.

Attended the maintenance class. Freaking boring !
Slept for like 2 hours in the class. Dah la got sum bitchy
girl who looks like a guy -.- Went home and continued
sleeping. Then went for work till 11.30 pm.

Did nothing other then work, work, work.....

What a free day. Mondays are practically
just walking around doing nothing since its not
busy. Things got much more free-er when a new
worker started work on that day. Didn't have to do
anything man. He did it all LOL.

Owh , I got my first 2 digit tip :) Sum Chinese dude
who I didn't even expect to get from, gave me
2 reds yaw :)

Then went to AC with Rambo and gang. Lepak2 for a while.
Played the air hockey game. Its so damn addictive man.
Made an impromptu plan and headed to Bukit Ampang.
Freaking awesome view. Chilled and enjoyed the view and
cool weather. Then wanted to go to Mona Affendi's
house but it was already 5 something am. Nothing scary could happen.
So some other night aite :)

OFF day babeyh ! :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

It On

Welcome to Italianese , I'm Malek and I'll be your server for today :)

Work was really free. Did nothing much the whole day.
Just a lil work at night. The whole gang came and had dinner
at Italianese . Thank you for coming :) Oh oh got to meet Dhiren :D

So other people and gang , do come drop by aite :)

Slept the whole afternoon. Went to watch Palie and gang play
futsal at night. Then headed to SS2 for nasi lemak and otak2 :D
Went to AC to watch Barcelona and Arsenal. So banyak orang.
Shouted like maniacs. Since I'm not a fan of any club , cheered
for every single goal scored LOL. All I know is that Messi scored 4 goals.
So terer haha. Got back at 5.30 am.

4 hours sleep and up for work. 1st time becoming a host.
Very relaxing and boring job. Just had to stand in front of
the restaurant , greet people and assist them to their table.

2nd day of hosting. The same thing. Just lepak in front
and observe people who pass by LOL.

A RedzaRox Production :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today was quite relaxing compared to yesterday. Although we had like a
group of 40 people who are so retarded that they couldn't even remember
what they ordered. Dah la the plate was like fucking hot ! So stupid la
these people.

Kakit and his family ate there today. Didn't even had the time to like
talk with him. Just got to made stupid faces every time I pass his table LOL.

So it was freaking busy at night. And I was like just walking around
acting busy so my boss wont ask me to do anything LOL. Then suddenly
some other worker asked me to send a bread knife ( the long long knife to cut bread)
to this table. I was like wtf ? Why would they want that knife. Then like an idiot he
lied saying the guest wants to cut a birthday cake. And I actually believed him and went
and give them the long knife. And the lady laughed and she was like "I want a normal knife
to cut my chicken". All of us straight away burst out laughing HAHA. Freaking funny la !

Owh owh , Happy belated birthday to Aaron Loh and Neoh Kakit ! :)
Friends , come la to Mid for lunch or whatever. At least I can join
you guys when I have my lunch break. Lame giler tak jumpe !

A RedzaRox Production :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Don't Know

Hello ,

I am so tied to work and the feeling sucks ! I'm slowly loosing everything I had.
Life , family and friends. I hardly even get to see my OWN FAMILY nemore.
By the time I get back they're all asleep and when their up in the morning Ill be asleep.
And that's just my family. Friends ? Don't even bother asking man. Fun aite ? -.-

Will be working from 12 noon till 10 night everyday till Monday.
Tuesday will be my off day , WOW ! ONE DAY -.- Its actually fun
working there but I just hate the working hours.

So lets cerita sikit la haha.
There's like this one dude that works at the kitchen. Then he saw me.
And he was like smiling at me then he asked me whats my name and all.
I was like okay la , maybe he's just being friendly. Then I realized every time
I'm standing at the station to wait for orders to come out , he'll be like staring at me.
And when I look back , he'll give me this weird kind of smile. And I was like wtf.
Then the gayness begins. He asked me out for lunch and stuff. Did I go ? Hell no ! haha.
And he keeps asking me every single day after that. Babi owh. Thats at my working place.

Then comes Robinson. Have been hanging out there quite often la coz Ewan works at
the cosmetic area. So I was walking towards Ewan and there's this dude looking at me.
And when I looked back he went GRRRRRRR and slurped. And I just kept walking .

Damn , working at Gardens is like stepping my foot in a gay world.
Its like funny and scary at the same time. I ain't that kind of species man !

A RedzaRox Production :)

Way Tonight

Went for orientation at Italianese.
Then went for my last day at KUMON :(
Headed home and straight away hit the hay
knowing that I'm starting my first day of work the
next day.

First day of work. It was quite fun.
Meeting new people and eating awesome
food. Weekdays are quite free. Nothing much
to do , just send food and curi2 makan LOL.

Second day of work. Spent lunch hour at Robinson with Ewan.
Got exposed to the gay life style of the workers there.
Talked and talked and tried every freaking perfume there haha.
Got back and work till 10 pm.Fucking tiring !
Met up with Kishan , Dinesh and they're Indian clan since
they were there. Went back home.

A fucking tiring day. Its like running in a marathon !
My legs were hurting like crap but I just kept smiling
when I had to send food to the guest like a retard. Looks like
as long as I'm working here , will never get the chance to
pray even once a week LOL.

WTF man. The minute I started working , its already busy
as hell. My whole system was like about to shut down at one point.
Then I just gave up and asked my manager for a cigarette break.
Sat down , rest my legs for a few minutes and continued -.-

A RedzaRox Production :)