Monday, April 26, 2010

By Me

Working at Italiannies made me meet all kinds of human species.

-The ones who thinks the 2 course meal promotion is
getting 2 main course for Rm 27.90.
WTF man , just go eat chicken rice la idiot !

-The ones who actually wait for quite some time
just for their 50 cent balance.

If you need the coins to use the public phone just say la !

-The ones who just go there and just order a cup of soup/drink.
Next time just let me know first so I can cepat2 shit at the
toilet bowl
for you to eat.

-A retarded family who says "Is he sick ? Has he taken his medicine ?"
when they hear me laugh.

You come here with your family and just order 2 meals to share for 5 people
wanna talk so much ? Go buy real short pants instead of boxers for
your husband
first la then only talk !

-A retard who desperately wants to sit inside when I already told him its full.
He actually went inside to see for himself. And wanted to sit at the couple
seat together with his family of 5.

Weyh shit head , first time coming to a restaurant where we don't
plastics tables to add ah ?

-Stupid girl who doesn't know the difference between
spag meat ball and spag mussel.
Ask your mum to show her vagina and your dad show his dick and
lets see whether you can tell the difference.

-Bitches who ignore me when I greet them and end up
hanging around in front when they don't know where to sit.

Next time must just stab them then only they realize I'm suppose
to bring them to their table.

Most of the customers are okay la. Just these few retards that
we have to deal with. Wow , what a relief typing all this shit out LOL.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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