Monday, April 19, 2010

Gotta Do It

Freaking miss 4/5 kuning man ! Its like the most awesome class.
So this is a picture of us and the trainee teacher. This dude is like an
alien man. Can't remember his name dowh. No body listens to him LOL.
Me and Kishan even practiced our singing in his class haha.

Kan at the end of his training , his proff will like come to observe him in class. So
before the observation started , he came to me , Gomez and few other people and said
"Malek , please be a good boy for 15 minutes only.
Then after my proff has finish his observation , you can do what ever you want" LOL.

So this is what I have done for the past two days :)

Was an awesome day. Kept getting tips
from every customer I served. Was damn lucky.
Tips from yesterday made me afford 2 boxes of
Dunhill light 20's and a plate of chicken rice haha :)
Over timed an extra 2 hours yesterday woot woot.

Did nothing the whole day man.
Business wasn't good at all till they asked
a few of the part timers to leave early.
Sadly , I had to stay coz I was the host.
Had fun chit chatting with the Bangla's.
They're freaking nice and fun people to talk to :D

OFF day babeyh ! But have to go
for my 3 hours driving class first in the
morning :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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