Saturday, April 24, 2010


Had my 3 hour maintenance class. Wahh , manual is
really complicating. But the 3 hour class was kinda
fun. My instructor is an old Chinese man.
The first thing he said to me when I met him was ,
you are here to be a driver , not a mechanic. No need
to know bout the engine and stuff. I'll just let you drive.
So I was driving la , then suddenly some stupid dude
was so retarded that he came driving towards my car.
And my instructor was like " See this stupid boy.
He must be a sissy. Dah la wear cap as if its so hot" LOL.

Got over and done with the class in like 2 hours. Lepaked at some
mamak to waste time. Guess what we talked bout.
American Idol , Next top Model , Westlife , Nsync LOL.
So funny la this old man.

Went to AC at night to watch Barcelona vs Inter Milan.
Surprising rite ? Me watching football haha. No la , just went to
hang out. Bumped into Aaron and CJ. Kept each other
updated. Felt satisfied that I finally got to catch up on things
with them . We have so much THINGS in common :P

Worked from 1 to 11 pm. Host as usual :)
Then went for futsal later at night. AC-ed for
a while after that and chowed home.

Work work work. 11am to 9pm shift.
Got back home and went to ABC to see
Dhiren for the last time :( Gonna miss you man.
Hogwarts for life ! LOL
Lepak2 for a while and went home early coz
everyone seems to have class the next morning.

Was so freaking bored at work. So me and another dude
made a penis bread LOL. Took some of the extra dough
that they use to make the bread and shaped it into a penis haha.

Before cooked :D

After cooked :D LOL nice rite ?
Well , the stupid things I do to past time :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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