Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Don't Know

Hello ,

I am so tied to work and the feeling sucks ! I'm slowly loosing everything I had.
Life , family and friends. I hardly even get to see my OWN FAMILY nemore.
By the time I get back they're all asleep and when their up in the morning Ill be asleep.
And that's just my family. Friends ? Don't even bother asking man. Fun aite ? -.-

Will be working from 12 noon till 10 night everyday till Monday.
Tuesday will be my off day , WOW ! ONE DAY -.- Its actually fun
working there but I just hate the working hours.

So lets cerita sikit la haha.
There's like this one dude that works at the kitchen. Then he saw me.
And he was like smiling at me then he asked me whats my name and all.
I was like okay la , maybe he's just being friendly. Then I realized every time
I'm standing at the station to wait for orders to come out , he'll be like staring at me.
And when I look back , he'll give me this weird kind of smile. And I was like wtf.
Then the gayness begins. He asked me out for lunch and stuff. Did I go ? Hell no ! haha.
And he keeps asking me every single day after that. Babi owh. Thats at my working place.

Then comes Robinson. Have been hanging out there quite often la coz Ewan works at
the cosmetic area. So I was walking towards Ewan and there's this dude looking at me.
And when I looked back he went GRRRRRRR and slurped. And I just kept walking .

Damn , working at Gardens is like stepping my foot in a gay world.
Its like funny and scary at the same time. I ain't that kind of species man !

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