Thursday, April 15, 2010

In My Bones

Day off. Practically slept the whole day.
Got up at night and followed Rambo and gang
for futsal. Then went to Bidara , shished and chowed.

Back to work. Freaking boring. Became host again.
Then Nat Loo and gang came visit me for a while :)
Finished work at 9pm. Headed to ABC with Jb, Kakit ,
Uvendran , Kumz and Dhiren. Then to AC.

The retarded management didn't know whats the use
of a phone. They didn't even bother calling me to let me
know that I don't have to come in for work due to
lack of sales and too much staffs working. So they want to cut
cost. So the minute I reached there , the bitchy boss told me
that I can go back. BLOODY IDIOT !

Didn't want to waste my time loitering around.
So went to Celebrity Fitness and work out. Freaking awesome
man. I'm so in love with the steam room weyh. Sat in it for like
15 minutes and I was already sweating like shit. So gonna do that
everyday if I have the time man :)

Owh also bumped into Mun Fai and Aaron. Just for a few minutes.
They where got time to lepak with me nemore :P

A RedzaRox Production :)

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