Friday, April 9, 2010

It On

Welcome to Italianese , I'm Malek and I'll be your server for today :)

Work was really free. Did nothing much the whole day.
Just a lil work at night. The whole gang came and had dinner
at Italianese . Thank you for coming :) Oh oh got to meet Dhiren :D

So other people and gang , do come drop by aite :)

Slept the whole afternoon. Went to watch Palie and gang play
futsal at night. Then headed to SS2 for nasi lemak and otak2 :D
Went to AC to watch Barcelona and Arsenal. So banyak orang.
Shouted like maniacs. Since I'm not a fan of any club , cheered
for every single goal scored LOL. All I know is that Messi scored 4 goals.
So terer haha. Got back at 5.30 am.

4 hours sleep and up for work. 1st time becoming a host.
Very relaxing and boring job. Just had to stand in front of
the restaurant , greet people and assist them to their table.

2nd day of hosting. The same thing. Just lepak in front
and observe people who pass by LOL.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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