Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today was quite relaxing compared to yesterday. Although we had like a
group of 40 people who are so retarded that they couldn't even remember
what they ordered. Dah la the plate was like fucking hot ! So stupid la
these people.

Kakit and his family ate there today. Didn't even had the time to like
talk with him. Just got to made stupid faces every time I pass his table LOL.

So it was freaking busy at night. And I was like just walking around
acting busy so my boss wont ask me to do anything LOL. Then suddenly
some other worker asked me to send a bread knife ( the long long knife to cut bread)
to this table. I was like wtf ? Why would they want that knife. Then like an idiot he
lied saying the guest wants to cut a birthday cake. And I actually believed him and went
and give them the long knife. And the lady laughed and she was like "I want a normal knife
to cut my chicken". All of us straight away burst out laughing HAHA. Freaking funny la !

Owh owh , Happy belated birthday to Aaron Loh and Neoh Kakit ! :)
Friends , come la to Mid for lunch or whatever. At least I can join
you guys when I have my lunch break. Lame giler tak jumpe !

A RedzaRox Production :)

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