Saturday, May 1, 2010


I don't find the new episodes of Glee as exciting
as the old ones man. I don't know why. Especially the
Madonna episode. Not the story line , but the songs they sing.

So when is Glee gonna do a tribute episode to Micheal Jackson ?
I'm sure it would be one hell of an episode :D

LOVING it man ! It just gets more exciting after every
episode. Makes me like so darn excited to download the
next episode.

So lets get you people updated :P
Anne got over Jasper and now being an idiot for liking Liam again.
Naomi confessed that she lied bout the teacher molesting her and
now facing problems with her bitchy sister AGAIN -.-
Silver and Teddy 's relationship are always on the rocks. So freaking
annoying. Problem after problem !
Dixon is like with Ivy now and he's like addicted to gambling.
Adriana became a lesbo for a while and became normal again
after her gay partner cheated on her. Slrrrp!

That's bout it la. Go watch people !
Stay tuned ! :D

A RedzaRox Production :)

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