Sunday, April 18, 2010


A visit from zee school kids :P

I was like WTF man. It was freaking busy.
Every single table was occupied and there were still
like a few more group of people waiting for a table.
Finished work at 11.30 pm. That's why I didn't get to
answer my phone and join you guys . Sorry.

Went back home , showered and headed to AC for
a while with Rambo and others. Lepak2 and chowed home.

It was twice as worse than Friday man.
Thank god I was the host. Seeing the other workers
running around when I was just standing there playing the
cross word puzzle made me so happy LOL. The best part was
when one of the guest punye lil son suddenly came to us haha. So
freaking cute man ! He was so damn white and chubby.
Fuck man , when am I gonna get one of those LOL.
Kept hugging him and he kept smiling :) SO CUTE !

Lepak mamak for a while and chowed.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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