Saturday, April 3, 2010

Way Tonight

Went for orientation at Italianese.
Then went for my last day at KUMON :(
Headed home and straight away hit the hay
knowing that I'm starting my first day of work the
next day.

First day of work. It was quite fun.
Meeting new people and eating awesome
food. Weekdays are quite free. Nothing much
to do , just send food and curi2 makan LOL.

Second day of work. Spent lunch hour at Robinson with Ewan.
Got exposed to the gay life style of the workers there.
Talked and talked and tried every freaking perfume there haha.
Got back and work till 10 pm.Fucking tiring !
Met up with Kishan , Dinesh and they're Indian clan since
they were there. Went back home.

A fucking tiring day. Its like running in a marathon !
My legs were hurting like crap but I just kept smiling
when I had to send food to the guest like a retard. Looks like
as long as I'm working here , will never get the chance to
pray even once a week LOL.

WTF man. The minute I started working , its already busy
as hell. My whole system was like about to shut down at one point.
Then I just gave up and asked my manager for a cigarette break.
Sat down , rest my legs for a few minutes and continued -.-

A RedzaRox Production :)

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