Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lil Words

Work was fun. Had no business AT ALL for like
2 hours straight. We spent the 2 hours playing volleyball with
a balloon and continued with Hide and Seek after got scolding
from our manager LOL. Freaking fun :D

It was Arveen's last day at Italiannies Gardens before
he shifted to Subang branch. Sad -.- One freaking awesome
friend la ! Gonna miss you dude !

Went to Telawi street after work. Hung out , shisha-ed and
talked lots and lots of crap.

Day off. Slept till like 3 something in the afternoon. Was so
damn worth it. Felt really relaxed. Was just waiting for anyone
to give me a ring. An hour after I gave up on waiting , Kumz
called me out LOL. Went to BBJ then to ABC.

My off days have always been like that. Day light goes to
waste and only steps out of the house at night. I'm like a
freaking owl.

Work was okayh I guess. Did nothing much.
Talked and talked the whole freaking day LOL.
Was quite fun listening to other people who are in
a way harder situation then I am. And for that , I'm grateful
for what I have :)

Work and did nothing else.

1st of May ! Labor day ! Double pay woot woot :)
Damn it was freaking tiring man. Group after group man.
Owh got tips :D 2 reds again. Thank you thank you :D

After work, hung out at BrewBall with Hanisah , Marcus and Hanisah's dad.
Was fun la. Finally got to catch up on things and keep each other updated :)

Work work work. The end :D

A RedzaRox Production :)