Sunday, June 20, 2010


As you all know , I've continued my studies at College Matriculation Negeri Sembilan.
It all happened last minute. Don't bother asking why , long long story.
I didn't even have time to resign early from my work and rest at home.
Everything was in a rush. I only started packing like a few hours before I left.

Well , the day before I left was my mums birthday.
Its like my last get together with the
family before I left. Me and my sister treated the whole family to
a fish spa and dinner at Chilis.
Everything was perfect. I enjoyed every minute of it :)

Met up with the friends. Lepak2 till like 2 something in the morning,
got back home and started packing. Didn't even sleep. Was like so depressed man.
Thinking why the hell is everything happening so fast.

It has already been 2 weeks since I started. At first I was like culture shocked.
What do you expect right, its my first time living on my own in a hostel.
All I did was sleep and study. Had no friends at all. I just felt like packing my bags
and just go home. Dah la I hardly talk to myroommates coz I don't quite
understand their slang when they talk since their from Perak.
The feeling was fucking weird !

Then I started class. Made a few jokes in class and like POOF I made friends LOL.
My classmates are okay. We get along well , thank god la. Its not as lame as I thought.
The conclusion is , after 4 days of being a loner , I finally made friends with people that
I can click with . Studies ? Damn , I'm struggling like shit !
Since I went in for 2nd intake , I have to like double my effort and catch
up with others. Wish me luck aite :)

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