Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1000 words

Hello !
I don't have much time to like, type in detail. So I'll just upload some photos from my phone aite.
Photos from when I entered the shit place. LOL, enjoy :)

Information Technology class.
Quite best la , but not nemore after kene
marah just coz i danced in class. Like WTF rite ?

The only friend that I can count on there.

Well , that's me.

Doing shits I hate.

So this is my side of the room. There are 4 people to a room.

My area.

The study table.

The bed.

The first weekend that I came back.
Ate at Friday's with the Italiannies gang.

Me sleeping in class. I don't know why but I get tired
so freaking fast when I'm there.

There are like at least 4 presentations a week -.-

Me trying to be Jeinthiran LOL.

Me again trying to be Jeinthiran HAHAHA.

The few friends I have there.

During assembly. Sucks like shit coz we have to wear formal and
sit under the hot sun.

I like, only have free time on the
weekends that I cant come back. Coz my time on weekdays are fully

The second weekend when I was back.
This is a picture of Caprice eating steamboat LOL.

Again , Caprice just couldn't stop taking pictures haha.

This is the Saiyan. Freaking cool rite ?

Christine yang always lupe pakai seluar and Sharon haha.
Sorry CJ :P

After 2 months , finally got to go to AC like the old days.

Zee other people eating steamboat.

Chun Wei and Pohyee Bear.

CJ and Mun Fai.

Kumahai Bear.

A RedzaRox Production :)