Monday, July 26, 2010


Yes , I have to dress up formal everyday for class !

Hello Yellow ,

Last time it use to be like once a week of updating. Now its like once a month.
Have been really busy and the only time I update my blog is when I'm at home , so yeah :)

Just finished my Mid Sem Examination on Wednesday. It was okayh I guess.
So am having my 1 week holiday woot woot ! Lets get to zee updates !

Reached home around 4 sumthing and slept.

Headed to SDC to settle my JPJ date.
Went to ABC at night and Puchong AC after.
Then, got back home and watched the Last Song.
Freaking nice show la. Miley Miley ! Grr :) haha.

Woke up late and headed to the Masjid for my Friday
prayers. Went to Curve to collect my salary from the HQ.
Then to Carefour to buy some things.
Had family dinner at SteamBoat , Ikano.

Steamboat is like freaking awesome. I just hate the sweating part haha.
Then to ABC and Puchong AC again.

Woke up early and watched Dear John.
Another awesome movie !
Went to UIA to pick up Kamal and headed to AC.
Lepak2 and went to King Crab , Kelana Jaya.
ABC again that night. After that went to play CS at Eclipes
just like old times.

Woke up freaking late. Then had mengaji.
Went to Mid. Wanted to watch Inception but tickets were sold out.
So much for tak banyak orang on Sunday's la kan kakit ? haha
Watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

It was okay la.
Not a wow kind of movie.

A RedzaRox Production :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1000 words

Hello !
I don't have much time to like, type in detail. So I'll just upload some photos from my phone aite.
Photos from when I entered the shit place. LOL, enjoy :)

Information Technology class.
Quite best la , but not nemore after kene
marah just coz i danced in class. Like WTF rite ?

The only friend that I can count on there.

Well , that's me.

Doing shits I hate.

So this is my side of the room. There are 4 people to a room.

My area.

The study table.

The bed.

The first weekend that I came back.
Ate at Friday's with the Italiannies gang.

Me sleeping in class. I don't know why but I get tired
so freaking fast when I'm there.

There are like at least 4 presentations a week -.-

Me trying to be Jeinthiran LOL.

Me again trying to be Jeinthiran HAHAHA.

The few friends I have there.

During assembly. Sucks like shit coz we have to wear formal and
sit under the hot sun.

I like, only have free time on the
weekends that I cant come back. Coz my time on weekdays are fully

The second weekend when I was back.
This is a picture of Caprice eating steamboat LOL.

Again , Caprice just couldn't stop taking pictures haha.

This is the Saiyan. Freaking cool rite ?

Christine yang always lupe pakai seluar and Sharon haha.
Sorry CJ :P

After 2 months , finally got to go to AC like the old days.

Zee other people eating steamboat.

Chun Wei and Pohyee Bear.

CJ and Mun Fai.

Kumahai Bear.

A RedzaRox Production :)