Friday, August 13, 2010

So Yesterday

We are the Heroes of a force of nature,
If you know what I mean :)

So here's a lil story. A story bout an Ugly Duckling and a Turkey.

Ugly Duckling is the kind of person that thinks she is everything and the world ONLY
revolves around her. She thinks she's so perfect that she bitches bout almost everyone.
She acts as if she knows everything and everyone. When in fact, other people actually
don't give a damn bout her. Besides that , she has this sort of imagination that
everyone just can't get over her when the actual fact is she is the one who can't.
So when this happens , she tries brain washing others to hate the person she hates.
I only have one thing to say to this lil Ugly Duckling which I'm sure she has already
heard this a few times before , I don't think I would want to have anything to do with you aite :)
Ring a bell from your past ? :P

So go get a life and do whatever you want. Coz it doesn't affect me at all.
There's no JEALOUSY involved here , just something that has to be said.

Now bout the Turkey. The Turkey is a person who is not involved in any
of this IMAGINATION drama or what not. But in her mind ,
she sees herself as like, some main character.
Thinking that she plays a big roll in it. Ain't that just stupid ? WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO PERASAN ?
I was like LMFAO when I heard bout it. Why do you want to get involved so much ?
Is life that boring till you want to like go casting and join LAME IMAGINATION dramas like this ?
Get a grip :)

You people definitely stole the limelight :)

Are you happy kids ? !
Quack quack !
Now , that's more like it

A RedzaRox Production :)