Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A lil taste of the Historical Town.

Had a road trip to Melaka with a few of my college friends. Well , it was a low budget and last minute plan that turned out pretty fun.

There were 8 of us and we rented an old Ford Van. Left right after our replacement class
on Saturday and reached there just in time to break our fast. I must say , everything there is so
freaking nice. I really did under estimate Melaka. Thought it would just be a lame historical city
but it was so damn happening. Especially at night , lights here and there , loud music everywhere.

Checked out the Malls first. From Mahkota Parade to Dataran Pahlawan. Then headed to some park. Walked around and you can see all the old buildings and the old ships that they used during the war long time ago.

We then went to Jonker Street to burn some bucks. I was hypnotized by the cheap and not bad quality things there. I spent all my money and could actually went to the ATM to withdraw more just to buy more stuff. It was like heaven ! The place was flooded with people. Its so much fun and better then Uptown. Gahh , was so darn satisfied and kept thinking whether I should buy more things :)

So every night , there will be this group of people who parks their car and blast music
using their very the awesome speakers.

So Aaron , cepat la do like this haha.

A proton Waja

Was 3 something in the morning. Like I said , it was a low budget and last minute plan. So we didn't actually have a place to sleep. Had the most awesome idea , drove to Selat Melaka where the Eye of Malaysia was. Parked our van right where the wind blew freaking strong and rested for a few hours. Had our sahor at some nearby restaurant.

The view in the morning.

We pretty much make everywhere like our home

Continued the journey after getting enough rest. Went to some Mosque by the beach. The view was breath taking. Walked around and chilled looking at the waves. Then headed to the public beach.

I was charging my phone there. And bumped into some old dude who takes care
of the place. He said that its a dangerous area coz there are pirates who comes of
and on and steals things from the mosque :O

After going through one hell of an adventure , we headed back to campus :)

A RedzaRox Production :)

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