Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My blog died for a few weeks.

So yeah ! How you people ? Have been so busy the past few weeks. If I had the time pun ,
felt so lazy to update. So now that my Raya holiday has started , am trying to meng-rajinkan
myself to update.

Have been fasting for almost one month. Yes bitches , I puasa ! Its kinda annoying that people
kept thinking that I don't puasa. What the hell la , who are they to judge aite. Its between me and

I actually enjoyed fasting there. Waking up every morning at 4.30 am to have our morning
breakfast. Banging peoples door , screaming like idiots , playing with the fire hos and not forgetting the almost every night shisha session.

It all became more fun during the last week before our Raya holiday. Where almost everyone there had a pocket full of different and freaking loud fire crackers. They actually had a war between blocks to see who has the better and louder ones. A group of people would gather in a room , lock the door , burn one of em , throw it out the window and BOOM ! And we'll start screaming like shit haha. Then the people from the other block would do the same to challenge us LOL.

Then during the last night , we actually gathered together, all dressed up in Baju Melayu , sat in a room , played a song on the speakers and started dancing haha. Was so much fun la. I must say , the people there really know how to make things exciting.

This people are actually so semangat-ed for Raya.

You see , when you have people who would back you up in a fight , don't mind walking next to you no matter how ridiculous you looked or don't mind getting in trouble together , then you'll know that you have friends. Am thankful :)

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