Saturday, November 20, 2010


Wazzzzuuupp !

Its been too long. So since this is like one of the few nights that I'm back at home and not out , me shall update me blog ;)

So life has been quite fun. I am thankful that I'm actually enjoying my life now whether its back to the small town of Kuala Pilah or the awesome city of Petaling Jaya. I've come to the point that I'll just have to make do with the situation and just fit in. And the results , POSITIVE. My first semester just ended and God knows how I did. Just hoping that my pointer would fulfill the requirements of proceeding to the 2nd semester.

After my finals , had a 1 week and a half break. It was hectic. Was happy that I got to see faces
that I wish to see again. There are a few other people that I didn't get to see , but it seems like I am the only one making the effort to keep in touch. Suit yourself brother ! If I would type it out in detail , it would take me hours. So as usual , lets just let the pictures do the talking aite ;D

This was on the way back home from college.

Watched Life as we know it .

Went to KL with the boys.
It reminded me of the good old days

Zul-walie !

The old KUMON buddy !

The chick that I havent seen for Bloody long !

Zee twin brothers.

Zee Safar Abdul.

Zee fellow colleagues.

Napoli Bianco mixed with Classico !

Zee afternoon spent with Karuna's daughter ;D

Thats bout it la. I bring me camera almost everywhere but its whether I actually use it or not ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

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