Friday, April 22, 2011

Come back

I thought of just leaving this blog dead , but I suddenly got the mojo of blogging again. Took me quite sometime to remember back my email and password LOL

So , its been almost a year since I last blogged ? Actually I still do blog , just not here. I have like this book where I just write every single shit that is in my head. Its kinda a way for me to express myself without other people knowing. Funny kan ?

1 Year is a long time. A lot has changed through out that period of time. From Matriculation to University. Owh , do you guys know that I now live/study in Kedah ?! Yeah , I'm already in the middle of my second semester.

Its all good. Still surviving ! I think that's bout it for this post. Will be updating soon ;)

Owh yeah ! I fucking miss my family and friends of Petaling Jaya ! Haven't been back for like 2 months already ;'( Gotta wait till I finish this semester , then I'll be having a 2 month break ! Say woot woot ! haha ;)

I miss this ! And Farah ! And my parents !

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Never Say Never

So my vacation begins !
Priy came over and planned to like "hang out outside Stadium Merdeka " while the JB concert was on. So we drove there and was jam like fark. So instead, we went to Pavillion at like 11 plus. Damn , its been ages since I last went to KL at night. Was really nice. I'm too lazy to like elaborate much and I know you guys aint interested in knowing , so here are some pictures ;)

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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Was kinda sad to leave college. After spending a whole year there , everyday with the same people was a great experience. Did things that I never thought I'd do my whole life. Like actually praying 5 times a day , wearing tudung and walking around the whole campus for our last prank , running and hiding from the warden , almost getting beaten up by a teacher and lots more. Was one hell of an experience. Its kinda sad that its over now , coz I wont be able to meet up with some of my friends since they live in different states and stuff.
So yeah -.-

Anyways , Goodluck fellow ex KMNS students badge 10/11 ! Have fun in Uni. And and when you guys turn out to be rich and successful in the future , do remember the dude who called you names and embarrass you in front of others LOL ;P

So here are a few captured moments , enjoy ;)

The Head of the College.

The accounts teacher.

The Economics teacher.

The business teacher.

The regular gang.

Syed Haiye , the smartass.

The Chinese students that hate me LOL

The birthday celebrations.



Agama class ;O

The 4 am's.

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Wazzzzzzup ,
1 year have passed and like finally I'm done with Kuala Pilah ! 5 months break babeyh ! So I'm like gonna chill , relax and catch up with friends that I haven't seen in months. Its feels so damn fucking good to be home ;)


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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Diamonds baby !

So this is like the homemade video me and my siblings did about a month ago for some Kraft contest hehe. So if you have a youtube account , please do 'LIKE' it aite ;) Hope you enjoy seeing me bust a move ;P

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"Fearless." by Malek Redza on

"Fearless." by Malek Redza on "See looks like this and more from real people around the world on"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Count On Me

This situation I'm recently going through is like watching some movie or listening to some song. One of my best budds in college got into an accident the very night we just started our break. As I was sleeping in the morning , suddenly I got this text message saying he got into an accident and he's in a critical condition. I couldn't help thinking its some kinda joke . Tried Calling his phone and his friend picked up saying he got into an accident in such a relaxed tune. So I tried calling his other phone that most of us know was spoiled but can be used for messaging. Then his sister called me back saying he got into an accident and had been transferred to the ICU in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Called up our group of friends and headed to the hospital.

Met with his whole family whom I've never met before. And we talked about the accident and stuff. Then as I walked into the ICU , I couldn't even recognize him and actually checked his name to make sure. The back off his head was all wrapped up because his skull was cracked , his hair was all shaved off , the whole right side of his face was blue black and swollen , his nose and ears were stuffed with cotton that was all covered with blood at the time and he was on the breathing machine. After a few minutes , walked out coz I was starting to get noxious.

Chilled for a while outside with his family. Then his other relatives came and the whole waiting room began to pack. So it was time to leave. The saddest part was when his mum actually hugged me crying even though she hasn't even met me before.

I kept thinking what was it like for him, how is he feeling being in that situation. Like what the doctor said , we wouldn't know what are the effects until he is conscious. So , we just have to leave it to God. Latest news I got , after 4 days in a coma, he regained consciousness and thank God everything is normal.

You know what's the weird thing , the night before he accident , we all actually lied down together and talked about motorbike accidents and stuff.

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