Friday, April 22, 2011

Come back

I thought of just leaving this blog dead , but I suddenly got the mojo of blogging again. Took me quite sometime to remember back my email and password LOL

So , its been almost a year since I last blogged ? Actually I still do blog , just not here. I have like this book where I just write every single shit that is in my head. Its kinda a way for me to express myself without other people knowing. Funny kan ?

1 Year is a long time. A lot has changed through out that period of time. From Matriculation to University. Owh , do you guys know that I now live/study in Kedah ?! Yeah , I'm already in the middle of my second semester.

Its all good. Still surviving ! I think that's bout it for this post. Will be updating soon ;)

Owh yeah ! I fucking miss my family and friends of Petaling Jaya ! Haven't been back for like 2 months already ;'( Gotta wait till I finish this semester , then I'll be having a 2 month break ! Say woot woot ! haha ;)

I miss this ! And Farah ! And my parents !

A RedzaRox Production ;)

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