Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Day.

My universe will never be the same , I'm glad you came.

Yawwz ! I feel as if a huge weight had just been lifted. Finally got over and done with most of my assignments. After all the delaying , like FINALLY. 

Have been going out non-stop lately. One outing after another. Just crazy ! Money burns like nobodies bloody business. Gotta calm my tits down and just stay in from now on. The worst thing about going out is that I'll come back feeling really tired and ending up not going to class at all the next day. So the teruk laa.

Today was quite a good day. Did a video recording for that Samsung Global Blogger competition. My sister asked me to give it a shot , so why not right ? Got nothing to loose. Its a competition to select a blogger that will be sent to London for the Olympic games 2012. The blogger then has to blog bout his/her experience there and also about the Olympic games of course. Seems really interesting. Its like getting a free holiday and all you have to do is blog about your trip. Did a very simple video cause it was all last minute. Hopefully my video is good enough ;)

Here's the link to the competition , check it out ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Consequences .

Its like watching the night sky or a beautiful sunrise.

This is a photo of us when we recorded our Please Don't Go video LOL.
I miss this ;(

Things just couldn't get worse. Firstly , I screwed up on my Economics and Statistics exam. Now , I am on the edge of getting suspended from my Performing Arts group because I didn't attend class for more then 3 times. Bloody hell , I didn't even realize that it came up to that much. Am in the process of working things out with my lecturer -.- Or else , I just gotta repeat the whole semester over again which would be a waste of time ! Tomorrow morning is the day , the day where I get the final answer whether I gotta repeat it or they'll give me a second chance. Praying hard that I don't have to bloody repeat. 

So yeah. Other then all that bull-crap , today was a fun day. Woke up early in the morning to send my friend for a Street Soccer Competition. Lepaked with him and the rest of the gang. Since they lost in the groupings , we came back early. Talked and talked and talked. I enjoy talking LOL. Slept for like a few hours, woke up and washed up.

Went out with the bowling friends. Its been quite a while since we last bowled like this. We used to do it quite often back in semester 1. Bowled for like 5 games. Came back and the car went out of patrol. Went to some random house and borrowed their bike to get patrol LOL. See , the people here are really friendly ! 

Reached campus , hung out at my friends dorm and just lepaked. Talked all sorts of crap. Talking crap is what makes a conversation interesting ! LOL. Had dinner , listened to some people karaoke-ing then convoi-ed back to my dorm. Settled some of my assignments and here I am ;)

Owh yeah , have you guys heard about the 12 year old boy who got kidnapped ? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE ? GET A FUCKING LIFE ! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU GET OUTTA KIDNAPPING AN INNOCENT CHILD ?! 

Watched the video of his parents talking to the police. Felt so sad. Its every parents worst nightmare. So lets help by spreading the news. Pray that the boy comes home safely.

A RedzaRox Production :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I hate this feeling. The feeling of taking a dump every 15 minutes. Its been going on for the past 3 days -.-

Had my Statistics Midterm today. Sucked like shit ! I feel like I've just wasted my time and effort actually trying to study the whole night before. Could only answer the front page (where you have to write your details and stuff) and the first question which is only 15 marks. The full mark you can get for the paper is 60. Bloody hell man.

Well , I tried answering the rest la. But I kinda like created my own formula's and stuff LOL. My answers are  just full of CRAP ! Out of the 25% carry mark , I'd be lucky if I get at least 10 ;(

This semester just suck. The subjects are real tough. Nothing like the first semester where I could just relax and flip through the notes right before the exam. I really gotta start struggling from now onwards if I want to maintain my CGPA.

Come on ! I can do this ! Study study study ! Then you can party party party !

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012


When I put on my earphone , its like I'm in my own world.

I do that in almost every class. Coz I get bored too fast. Every time I go to class, I'll always wait for the lecturer to settle down and then I'll put on the earphones and get lost in my own world LOL. Its something that I really enjoy. Enjoy till the point that I sometimes just smile by myself and other people who notice will be like what the fuck ? haha. That is when my imagination starts going crazy. I always feel that I'm like recording a video clip  of the song and I'll imagine all the students/lecturers dancing on tables and stuff. Its fucking funny la ! LOL. If only there's a memory card to our brains so that we could replay it back haha.

That's bout it for now. Just a random post to kill zee boredom. Statistics Midterm is tomorrow and haven't studied shits ! Better get going now. Till then ;)
A RedzaRox Production ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So hot yet so high.

The sun goes down , the stars come up.

Have been quite lifeless lately. Bored to death. All I've been doing is read my 1st post till the recent , looked at every single picture on FB and karaoke-ing in front of my laptop. I'm an anti-social freak LOL

So , yesterday was a whole day of hibernating. Slept from 12 noon till 8 pm at night. That definitely fucked my sleeping routine.

Friday night , we went to a hot spring at Baling which is located 2 hours away from Sintok Kedah. It was a quite fun experience. Left at 10 pm night because it only opens at midnight and closes at 6am in the morning. Reached Sungai Petani at 12. Had dinner at some shop. Was surprised that the town was actually alive at that time. Lepaked till 1 something and left for the hot spring.

We reached there at 3.15 am. The place was packed with people. The hot spring was actually really hot. Smoke was frigging coming out from it. Got dressed and tried entering. Dipped my legs first and it was so bloody hot. Its like putting your legs in a kettle of water that had just finished boiling. I wonder how some people could just jump into it as if its a normal swimming pool. 

Had to go in by stages. The legs , then till the waist and then to the chest. Felt like I was being boiled ! Stayed in there for like 10 minutes and I started getting dizzy. The feeling reminded me of the first time I tried smoking weed. Head spinning like nobodies fucking business. Everyone there was stoned as fuck. 

If you know me well , that means you know how I am when I'm high. I start going crazy. Laughing at shits that aren't even funny , talking to people I don't even know , dancing like some retard thinking that everyone there is a friend of mine LOL. Even my friends were shocked with my all of a sudden change of attitude. It was embarrassing !

Whatever it is ,  I really enjoyed myself. Its like taking a hit for every minute non-stop for 2 hours. Loved it ! ;)

It was 5.30 am , washed up and made a move since we had class at 8am. Drove back, it was already 8am and we were no where close to campus. Terpaksa ponteng class haha. So we screwed it and had breakfast first. Reached campus at like 11 am. Everyone was frigging exhausted. Washed up and slept the whole day.

The end of an awesome night out. 
Thanks for the fun , really needed it ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bare Foot .

Hello hello hello ,
Just got back from my Friday prayers.

So , life here already sucks big time. I just hate it here.
Its even suckier when you don't have a car.
Its way way suckier when the bloody bus drivers won't do their job.

Its so hard to move around when you don't have a ride.
The campus is huge , real huge.
Things that I have to do without a car :

  • Walk to the Mosque every Friday. It takes me 20 minutes to get there. (Something like walking from my house to Amcorp Mall)
  • Walk to class everyday because the bus only comes when they feel like coming. It takes me 15 minutes to get to class. Enter class all sweaty .
  • Can't participate in activities that are at the Pusat Sukan. It takes us 45 minutes to walk there. Tried walking there once , but hell no ! It aint worth it.
  • When I'm out of cash , I have to borrow from my friends because the nearest ATM machine is 20 minutes away from my dorm.
  • When I'm out of cigarettes , I have to wait till someone goes for an outing and ask them to help me buy.
There's a lot more things that I have to deal with -.-
Call me a spoil brat ONLY if you have tried doing what I've done.

So mother , please I'm begging you ! A car ? A motorbike ? A bicycle ? Please ;(

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2012


More of a loner nowadays. Have been doing things by myself.
I don't know why. Even the friends that I'm close to, I hardly talk to.
Even the close friends who stay in the room right in front of mine ,
I hardly talk to. Even my own roommate , I hardly talk to.

Things are just different now. Aint the same like what we had
last semester where we all hang out together in one room
and just chit chat bout everything. I kinda miss that. But its okay.
Life goes on. I'll survive.

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Destiny .

I don't know if we each have a destiny,
or if we're all just floating around accidental like on a breeze,
but I think maybe it's both. Maybe both is happening at the same time.

Its Thursday night. Which means its the first night of the weekend. Skipped 2 classes
today coz was too lazy. Went for the 11am class and ended at 12.30pm.
Went back to the dorm , had lunch and spent the whole afternoon just
reading through all my old post LOL.

Played football later on. Was a good exercise ! Played with the Somalian's.
Played real rough but it was all good ;)
Got back , had dinner and watch Forest Gump.

Run Forest run ! Run Forest run ! LOL

A movie that I watched long long ago when I was young. Couldn't even remember
what was it about. Its a real nice movie. Very inspirational . Tells us that we can
just do whatever we want in life as long as we try our best and most importantly ,
don't give up !

Life is like a box of chocolate ,
you never know what you're gonna get.

A RedzaRox Production ;)

Its Empty

This second semester is craaazeyyh ! Trying to keep up with shits day by day.
Slowly managing. Can't wait to end this semester !

So I spent my whole Mid Semester break in Kuching Sarawak.
Participated in MASUM bowling.
MASUM is a short form for Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia. Sadly ,
we came back empty handed. The competition was really tough.
I feel like I've wasted my time going for training every single day for the past few weeks.
Dah la I've sacrificed my holiday , haishh.
Whatever it is , let by gones be by gones.

Looking at the bright side , I had a blast with zee cousins from Sarawak.
Partied almost every night. Met up with some of the friends I
made during RainFest last year. Was so much fun.

10 days went by real quick. The next thing I know , we're already packing our
stuff and heading to the airport. Goodbye Sarawak , will be seeing you again
for RainFest this year ! Hopefully.

When we reached LCCT , one of my friends parents came to see him.
Felt like shit. Got goosebumps and my eyes started watering.
Seeing him hug his parents made me feel like
shit because I fugging miss mine. And his mum started crying as if we just
came back from war LOL. Through out the whole journey
back to Kedah , the only thing that was on my mind is
an image of my family. Homesick !

Reached campus at 3am in the morning. Unpacked and slept the whole day.
Didn't even bother going to class. Frustration !

A RedzaRox Production ;)