Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Day.

My universe will never be the same , I'm glad you came.

Yawwz ! I feel as if a huge weight had just been lifted. Finally got over and done with most of my assignments. After all the delaying , like FINALLY. 

Have been going out non-stop lately. One outing after another. Just crazy ! Money burns like nobodies bloody business. Gotta calm my tits down and just stay in from now on. The worst thing about going out is that I'll come back feeling really tired and ending up not going to class at all the next day. So the teruk laa.

Today was quite a good day. Did a video recording for that Samsung Global Blogger competition. My sister asked me to give it a shot , so why not right ? Got nothing to loose. Its a competition to select a blogger that will be sent to London for the Olympic games 2012. The blogger then has to blog bout his/her experience there and also about the Olympic games of course. Seems really interesting. Its like getting a free holiday and all you have to do is blog about your trip. Did a very simple video cause it was all last minute. Hopefully my video is good enough ;)

Here's the link to the competition , check it out ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

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