Friday, April 27, 2012

Consequences .

Its like watching the night sky or a beautiful sunrise.

This is a photo of us when we recorded our Please Don't Go video LOL.
I miss this ;(

Things just couldn't get worse. Firstly , I screwed up on my Economics and Statistics exam. Now , I am on the edge of getting suspended from my Performing Arts group because I didn't attend class for more then 3 times. Bloody hell , I didn't even realize that it came up to that much. Am in the process of working things out with my lecturer -.- Or else , I just gotta repeat the whole semester over again which would be a waste of time ! Tomorrow morning is the day , the day where I get the final answer whether I gotta repeat it or they'll give me a second chance. Praying hard that I don't have to bloody repeat. 

So yeah. Other then all that bull-crap , today was a fun day. Woke up early in the morning to send my friend for a Street Soccer Competition. Lepaked with him and the rest of the gang. Since they lost in the groupings , we came back early. Talked and talked and talked. I enjoy talking LOL. Slept for like a few hours, woke up and washed up.

Went out with the bowling friends. Its been quite a while since we last bowled like this. We used to do it quite often back in semester 1. Bowled for like 5 games. Came back and the car went out of patrol. Went to some random house and borrowed their bike to get patrol LOL. See , the people here are really friendly ! 

Reached campus , hung out at my friends dorm and just lepaked. Talked all sorts of crap. Talking crap is what makes a conversation interesting ! LOL. Had dinner , listened to some people karaoke-ing then convoi-ed back to my dorm. Settled some of my assignments and here I am ;)

Owh yeah , have you guys heard about the 12 year old boy who got kidnapped ? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE ? GET A FUCKING LIFE ! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU GET OUTTA KIDNAPPING AN INNOCENT CHILD ?! 

Watched the video of his parents talking to the police. Felt so sad. Its every parents worst nightmare. So lets help by spreading the news. Pray that the boy comes home safely.

A RedzaRox Production :)

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