Monday, April 23, 2012


When I put on my earphone , its like I'm in my own world.

I do that in almost every class. Coz I get bored too fast. Every time I go to class, I'll always wait for the lecturer to settle down and then I'll put on the earphones and get lost in my own world LOL. Its something that I really enjoy. Enjoy till the point that I sometimes just smile by myself and other people who notice will be like what the fuck ? haha. That is when my imagination starts going crazy. I always feel that I'm like recording a video clip  of the song and I'll imagine all the students/lecturers dancing on tables and stuff. Its fucking funny la ! LOL. If only there's a memory card to our brains so that we could replay it back haha.

That's bout it for now. Just a random post to kill zee boredom. Statistics Midterm is tomorrow and haven't studied shits ! Better get going now. Till then ;)
A RedzaRox Production ;)

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