Thursday, April 19, 2012

Its Empty

This second semester is craaazeyyh ! Trying to keep up with shits day by day.
Slowly managing. Can't wait to end this semester !

So I spent my whole Mid Semester break in Kuching Sarawak.
Participated in MASUM bowling.
MASUM is a short form for Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia. Sadly ,
we came back empty handed. The competition was really tough.
I feel like I've wasted my time going for training every single day for the past few weeks.
Dah la I've sacrificed my holiday , haishh.
Whatever it is , let by gones be by gones.

Looking at the bright side , I had a blast with zee cousins from Sarawak.
Partied almost every night. Met up with some of the friends I
made during RainFest last year. Was so much fun.

10 days went by real quick. The next thing I know , we're already packing our
stuff and heading to the airport. Goodbye Sarawak , will be seeing you again
for RainFest this year ! Hopefully.

When we reached LCCT , one of my friends parents came to see him.
Felt like shit. Got goosebumps and my eyes started watering.
Seeing him hug his parents made me feel like
shit because I fugging miss mine. And his mum started crying as if we just
came back from war LOL. Through out the whole journey
back to Kedah , the only thing that was on my mind is
an image of my family. Homesick !

Reached campus at 3am in the morning. Unpacked and slept the whole day.
Didn't even bother going to class. Frustration !

A RedzaRox Production ;)

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