Sunday, April 22, 2012

So hot yet so high.

The sun goes down , the stars come up.

Have been quite lifeless lately. Bored to death. All I've been doing is read my 1st post till the recent , looked at every single picture on FB and karaoke-ing in front of my laptop. I'm an anti-social freak LOL

So , yesterday was a whole day of hibernating. Slept from 12 noon till 8 pm at night. That definitely fucked my sleeping routine.

Friday night , we went to a hot spring at Baling which is located 2 hours away from Sintok Kedah. It was a quite fun experience. Left at 10 pm night because it only opens at midnight and closes at 6am in the morning. Reached Sungai Petani at 12. Had dinner at some shop. Was surprised that the town was actually alive at that time. Lepaked till 1 something and left for the hot spring.

We reached there at 3.15 am. The place was packed with people. The hot spring was actually really hot. Smoke was frigging coming out from it. Got dressed and tried entering. Dipped my legs first and it was so bloody hot. Its like putting your legs in a kettle of water that had just finished boiling. I wonder how some people could just jump into it as if its a normal swimming pool. 

Had to go in by stages. The legs , then till the waist and then to the chest. Felt like I was being boiled ! Stayed in there for like 10 minutes and I started getting dizzy. The feeling reminded me of the first time I tried smoking weed. Head spinning like nobodies fucking business. Everyone there was stoned as fuck. 

If you know me well , that means you know how I am when I'm high. I start going crazy. Laughing at shits that aren't even funny , talking to people I don't even know , dancing like some retard thinking that everyone there is a friend of mine LOL. Even my friends were shocked with my all of a sudden change of attitude. It was embarrassing !

Whatever it is ,  I really enjoyed myself. Its like taking a hit for every minute non-stop for 2 hours. Loved it ! ;)

It was 5.30 am , washed up and made a move since we had class at 8am. Drove back, it was already 8am and we were no where close to campus. Terpaksa ponteng class haha. So we screwed it and had breakfast first. Reached campus at like 11 am. Everyone was frigging exhausted. Washed up and slept the whole day.

The end of an awesome night out. 
Thanks for the fun , really needed it ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

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