Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I hate this feeling. The feeling of taking a dump every 15 minutes. Its been going on for the past 3 days -.-

Had my Statistics Midterm today. Sucked like shit ! I feel like I've just wasted my time and effort actually trying to study the whole night before. Could only answer the front page (where you have to write your details and stuff) and the first question which is only 15 marks. The full mark you can get for the paper is 60. Bloody hell man.

Well , I tried answering the rest la. But I kinda like created my own formula's and stuff LOL. My answers are  just full of CRAP ! Out of the 25% carry mark , I'd be lucky if I get at least 10 ;(

This semester just suck. The subjects are real tough. Nothing like the first semester where I could just relax and flip through the notes right before the exam. I really gotta start struggling from now onwards if I want to maintain my CGPA.

Come on ! I can do this ! Study study study ! Then you can party party party !

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