Sunday, May 6, 2012


We don't need , anything or anyone.

Had an awesome weekend. A 3 nights and 4 days trip back home to where I belong. Although I had to skip quite a lot of classes , it was all worth it. That welcoming feeling I got from my family was just what I needed ;) Didn't get to meet up with everyone cause of the short period of time.

Reached Pudu at 2 am on Wednesday and my mum picked me up. Got home , unpacked and straight away watched a marathon of Khloe and Lamar since I am like so ketinggalan zaman. Only slept at like 7am , in front of the Tv. Woke up, went out for lunch with my mum and sister , did errands and back home. Watched Tv , fetched Farah from work , Afi from class and went out with only Rambo since everyone else had college the next day.

The next day was just a day spent with the siblings. Watched a marathon of Beauty and The Geek Australia. From the first episode down to the finale. Was quite an awesome show ;) We then headed to the Airport to send my two sisters off to Australia for a holiday. Lucky idiots -.- haha. Had Satay Kajang for dinner ! Nom nom nom. Went to ABC , met up with the Cina friends ;)

Went to MidValley with Hazman and Rambo. Watched the Avengers ! It was a cool movie , but not really a wow kinda movie.  Walked around , met with lots of friends who are working at MidValley since they're having their break now. Did a lot of window shopping LOL. Ended up only buying 1 shirt haha. Dayuum , now I have like a long list of clothes that I want to buy. Gotta wait till I start my break and start earning money ! 

Got out of the movie and straight away rushed home since Rambo had work at 8.30pm and I had a bus to catch at 9.30 pm. Yes , my weekend may sound boring but I just love every single minute spent when I'm at home. Can't wait to be back for my break !

No matter how fun it is at another place,
There's no place like home laaa.

A RedzaRox Production ;)

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