Monday, May 21, 2012


You teach me and I teach you ,
Pokemonnnnn !

Everyone has something that reminds them of their childhood memories. Us, the 90's generation have went through all sorts of phases, trends and stuff. The only thing in our lives that is constant is CHANGE. From yoyo's to Pokemon to bay blade to play station  to x-box and God knows what is the thing now. Those were the memories. Well , at least we do have things to look back to. Unlike all the generation of spoil brats nowadays who owns an Ipad , Iphone and shits that they don't even need at that age. 
Pokemon ! Yeah , the one thing that I don't get bored of till today. I am a big fan of Pokemon ! LOL. Use to collect those small Pokemon dolls , the cards and the game. Spent hundreds and hundreds on Pokemon. When I was in standard 4/5 , used to stay up every night till sahor during puasa month playing the game. Crazy ! The obsession comes and go , off and on , you know. Started back in primary school , then it came back again in secondary school where everyone downloaded the game in their phone and now its coming back to me again.

For the past 2 days , I have been spending the whole day in front of my laptop watching the whole season 1 of Pokemon where Ash first started his journey as a Pokemon trainer. Just a few hours ago , I finished watching the whole season already. It has about 84 episodes ! Got to watch Ash earn all 8 badges and enter the Pokemon league. I'm only a fan of the beginning where he used Squirtle, Charmander and Babulsor. Don't quite follow the seasons after cause there's just too many new Pokemon's -.-

Now that I'm done watching all the episodes , I have nothing to look forward to. Think Imma try find the game and play it again laa hahahaha ;D

Just the best Pokemon battle.
Charizard vs Magmar !

A RedzaRox Production ;)

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