Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day Nothing.

Happy labour day !

Farots si Hitam Logam LOL ;)

Sadly , the public holiday just gotta be on the day that I don't have class. So it doesn't really make a difference. Well , woke up at 1pm today. Spent the whole night before just chatting with my sister Qila ;)

Still got 1 more assignment that needs to be done. The tittle of my assignment is "The influence of animism towards Christianity".  Have been spending hours searching for articles and stuff that has to do with it but just couldn't find anything. The date line is this Thursday ! I have no bloody idea what I'm gonna do -.- If you guys have any idea/information bout my assignment , please do let me know aite ! Help me out ;(

Arghh , Its so boring here. There's like nothing to look forward to. Everyday I'll be looking for something that kills time fast. Coz I can't wait to get my ass back home and live the life. Gotta wait till I finish my finals which is on the 30th of June. Long way to go.

I'm bored when I go to class,
I'm bored when I don't go to class,
I'm bored when there's no class.

If you think you're lifeless when you're at home , do think bout me. I'm sure that will make you feel better.
Its 5.40 pm , might as while go for Futsal. Need to exercise more ! My bloody stomach is getting bigger -.-

A RedzaRox Production ;)

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