Friday, May 18, 2012


Lay me down on a bed of roses ,
bla bla bla.

Life has been pretty good lately. I think its because I've settled almost everything that has to be done this semester. Finished setting my classes for next semester too. Free time it is ;)

Have been sick for the past 5 days. It all started when I came back from the camp at Janda Baik. Must have been something that I ate. It was like gastric plus fever. I tried taking all sorts of medicine and will just end up vomiting it all out. There was once where I felt so darn weak that I slept for 2 days straight. Only woke up once to vomit , smoke and swallow some ActiveFast. The feeling was terrible. Later on , all the pain started going away slowly and another problem comes. Was constipated for like 4 bloody days ! I tried drinking this , eating that and all sort of other stuff , NOTHING COMES OUT . 

I then went out with my friends and bought a whole bunch of bananas LOL. Ate like 8 of em and was expecting for immediate effect , but still, nothing happened. Looks like it took a while to process , only got the effect after 24 hours. Woke up today morning and it felt real good ! LOL. Like seriously !

Have I told you guys that there's a Go Kart circuit in campus ? Yeah , there's a go kart circuit in campus LOL. Its like part of a curriculum activity and students can also play. So , we decided to try it out since we have been here almost a year already and still haven't step foot there.

And the race begins !

OMG , it was really fun and addictive ! Race after race. It felt so good to race with friends in a safe kinda way ;) 

That's about it for now. Got nothing much to talk about. Too much free time today that I had spent time cleaning my room and washing my clothes LOL. Bye bye ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

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